[SITREP] This is the BIG One, FIROC Will Rule 2019

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Today at 1 PM Whiz puts out his 2019 new term – FIROC – and tells his members why this IS the Big One

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Tony Gee says:

General probably left to take on new responsibilities in military tribunal

Oliver Rios says:

not necessarily over, theres still a massive ace in the hole, but its hidden. in order to get out of the hole we need to expand the money supply. the most logical way of doing that is reducing or removing reserve requirements on banks. that would be inflationary hence why powell may seem hawkish, but its something him and mnuchin have been pressing for a while on. it will get the gum out of the works, but will lead to the future "euphoria" / end game stage of the bull. so the question is when will they break the glass?

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