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Today I’m sitting down with the UK-based trader Samuel Leach for his Entrepreneur’s Talk and Tea YouTube channel. We cover lots of trading tips throughout the interview … Aspiring traders especially will want to tune in. Check it out!

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Today I’m sitting down with UK-based trader Samuel Leach for the Entrepreneur’s Talk and Tea YouTube channel. Throughout the interview, we discuss tips that aspiring traders should know BEFORE they start their journey.

There still seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation when it comes to penny stocks. And I love to educate people on this topic. Most people think “The Wolf of Wall Street” is accurate. But pink slips, penny stocks, and commissions have changed drastically over time.

Pink sheets are basically non-existent. There are no more 15% commissions. And penny stocks are just low-priced stocks — so why don’t people like to trade them?

There can be scalability issues with these low-priced stocks. They can be sketchy and may have very little in the way of public filings. But the patterns can be predictable because big-time traders don’t usually trade this niche.

So how did I get into trading penny stocks? Well, I started off with blue chips, but my account didn’t really grow. Then I started to gravitate toward lower-priced stocks … and I got really good at trading them.

I also got into the market when the internet was just beginning. There was tons of action. My first pattern was a dot-com. That was when companies would add ‘.com’ to their corporate name. And the stock would spike.

So I’d buy the stock at the end of day one, then sell into the spike on day two or three. Then about 20 years later, that exact same pattern popped up with bitcoin and crypto. Companies would start a crypto subsidiary, and the stocks would triple, quadruple over three or four days. Same pattern, different sector.

Again, there’s so much misinformation in this industry. That’s why I work to educate traders. I want to show you the process and what it takes to become a smart, self-sufficient trader.

Here’s just a little food for thought: What’s holding you back in your trading, your life, and your future? I’d argue that it’s fear or laziness — or both.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way. Face your fears. Educate yourself. Paper trade until you get it right. Study charts and market history like crazy. Learn to spot patterns and cut losses quickly.

What did you learn from this interview? What advice would you give aspiring traders? I love to hear from you all … Leave a comment!

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Timothy Sykes says:

What did you learn from this video? What would advice would you give to new traders?

Jacobl Hammonds says:

Tim you explain the overall idea really well. I learn from you in more than just trading.

Артем Заянчковский says:

You're really right that people want to be millionaires, but they are not focused on real life, they continue to fly in the clouds, watch Netflix, play Fortnite, etc. American soldiers say: “Everyone wants go to heaven, but no one wants to die.” Thanks for another lesson!?

Raul Vanesette says:

So, he got rich on the .com bubble

Caleb Sims says:

Hey, Tim. Could you make a video about how you pick a bullshit stock? Whether it's cannabis, or metals, tech what hones your sights to a specific type of stock?

uncooked ham says:

Are you mates with that other bloke Damian Prosalendis? He said in an interview that he could take you on in a fight. He also said his dad had a machine-gun, but I don't believe him.

Jeanpaul Towers says:

I love it! your awesome Tim

Teby Bear says:

lol he is still alive

glenn baker says:

The Future is Now

Walter Bocel says:

Nice ??

chris botsis says:

Hey Tim i have a proposal for you if your interested you teach me how to trade and i will give a % of my money to your charities i dont need the whole pie just some of the crums

Mahin Momen says:

Bro ur hilarious and your clone theory makes sense. Legend

CarMeets says:

I learned that Will Smith is Aladdin and not the Genie ?‍♂️.

Dora The Illegal Alien says:

im absolutely broke but i want to get started learning penny stock trading. im Colombian and don't have 200 dollars for the course, is that or my food literally, what can i do?

justice s says:

What I learned from this video is to cut your losses short, find the right patterns, pay attention to legal filings, and also remind yourself stocks can be shitty. Side note? hope Tim likes this and makes me his next student!

Dante Bruce says:

Very good advice ? Patterns

Storm-Traders Born To Be Champions says:

Nice one guys! Amazing traders which i learned a lot from? now helping others

Richard Arce Ortiz says:

Spanish ?

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