SITUATION CRITICAL: A Stock Market Mega-Crash Is Dead Ahead. By Gregory Mannarino

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friendofcoal says:

What would be a few profitable positions/trades in order to maximize gains from said crash?

smiles1969able says:

so fucking what bring it on!

Gregory Mannarino says:

Stock Market Breakdown: Two Simultaneous Death Crosses Are About To Occur.
What we are witnessing here is further evidence of major technical breakdowns progressing in this market, ones which portend steep losses in stocks. See the chart, click here:

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writingstation 7 says:

I have looked over this again and come to the conclusion that no stock market crash is going to happen. Although China was in the red when i woke up this morning the FTSE is shrugging the concern off and already +60 in the green. Dow futures out of the red and now in the green as well, i cannot see anything happening to be fair and plus the rate hike will not happen it will be green across the board from then on. Sorry but nothing is going to happen these are my views.

Terracotta says:

I think you are misreading the chart, it's a wave 4 correction leading into a wave 5. What you are talking about will happen once wave 5 is over.

Steve Read (TruthBknown) says:

Survival skills are far more in important than having gold or silver!
As loss in jobs speedily rise and re-employment gets increasingly
more difficult.
Rich towards God is better than 'being' rich in a falling world.

acjitsu says:

What do you think about guys like Martin Armstrong and Jim Puplava that say any "correction" is a buying opportunity and THEN we will have the bursting of the bond bubble which people will then rotate into the stock market causing the final parabolic leg of the stock market?


jamesb7777a says:

as I write this at 12 noon friday CDT the stock market is up about 1% and going through the roof. I predict nect week when the fed announces there will be no rate hike that by next friday afternoon the market will be up another 2-5% or more. there will never be a crash becouse the FED is watching the markets back & the plunge protection team will not allow a crash. in addition xompanys are buying back thier own stock raising prices more.. this "a crash is imminent" talk is getting very old and is destroying Gregs credibility. . and let me talk about this "Shemita" stuff, First its a total fraud. shemita was ONLY given to old testiment Israel in the old testiment, it was NEVER EVER given to any other country much less the USA., and certainly not in the new testiment. and the "false flag" mentioned elswhere here? there will be NO false flag or other crisis. if you want to make money in the stock market its time to either day trade or go long in good stocks. Gold is going nowhere buy down as are bonds. buy stocks and stay in cash IMO. keep following this gloom and doom stuff and you will miss out on huge gains.

Bradley Audrey says:

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Rah Hamer says:

you're early boss

u must be getting your info from mchugh

glen gardner says:

never seen u so emotional greg…

Derelect5 says:

We are on the verge of MegaFraud. A step change is now occurring as we speak. Unprecedented means will now be used to keep these markets going higher, including outright asset price setting through covert algorithmic control. The technological platforms make it easy as pie as long as the central banks and primary dealers completely throw in the ethical towel. And they will before they let financial asset prices crash. The bank balance sheets cannot be saved at these levels, even from a short position. This is not 1929 when the structure of the markets and a gold backed currency forced  integrity onto the markets. We are living in a brand new world where digital numbers rule the world. And the digital platforms allow these numbers to be whatever the financial elites want them to be, provided a more powerful sovereign does not interfere. The major indexes will be at new highs very soon.

Greg Stafford says:

awesome thanx

movieklump says:

The only thing bullish is that everything is so bearish. But that is something.

Start a Change says:

I read a comment from an experienced trader, such as yourself Greg, and thought it had some wisdom to it………  Markets that cannot hold gains are not the healthiest environments.  We saw that rally the other day and then the market dropped like 300 points in the same day.  Incredible…..that should tell you something people.  Saw the charts Greg.  That divergence is quite in your face.

Don Cherney says:

Big congrats on 30,000 subs. I've been with you since about 500.

Tyler Sudden II says:

Greg,What would you say about trading options at this point in time? I have about $8K to invest. I got a decent amount of silver already.

Sara Franciszka Lentz says:

Greg-I'm getting the word out there here in NYC & elsewhere. Alan Greenspan just said to CNBC that he only sees entitlements lasting 3 more months with this situation. Keep up the good work. Thank you to infinity for being so brave and helping us help others.

fomalhaut says:

When price discovery or fair market value suddenly returns to the equity markets in the form of an epochal crash life for the those currently at the top is going to become a nightmare. The sustained fraud of the present stock markets was only accomplishable through the collusion generated by groups and individuals virtually joined at the hip. I wake up every day now happy just to know the reckoning is still at least a day away.

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