Social Capital’s Chamath Palihapitiya On Apple, Bitcoin, And The Internet | CNBC

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Chamath Palihapitiya, Social Capital founder and CEO, discusses his take on Apple, bitcoin, the media business and the future of the internet with CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”
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Social Capital’s Chamath Palihapitiya On Apple, Bitcoin, And The Internet | CNBC


a64750 says:

. Technology changes, not human nature. Person to person transaction using digital debit cards. Gold's found in the ground. GSW make 14, 3's per game is un-matchable

Jimmy S says:

Sick and tired of these 3 children interrupting Chamath speak

Munchy says:

Chamath on Fast Money would've been a better choice. The squawk box hosts just won't let him speak. This make me realize how great of a job Melissa Lee does.

Sam Wong says:

Can you tell that woman to shut the f up and let the man speak?

Ravinder says:

Is that guy joe married to the network owners daughter or something? I don’t get it…

kajinsoul says:

Let the guest speak for fuksakes! Fire the host.

Toan D says:

Why bother bringing guests on your show if you're going to interrupt them just before they make an important point?

A N says:

pretty sure he was indirectly short in fb from his face tell

link says:

I agree with him on bitcoin, but Jesus Christ netflix has got to be cooking there books the most over inflated stock on the planet.


Do the opposite of what Buffet and friends say

Jon F says:

6:25 btc

anyau92 says:

Charmath with the FAACTSS!!!

little bill says:

Netflix doesn’t always have what I want and no one watches live tv when I can record show and see it on my phone at lunch brake plus nfl will never die

Hodge The prince says:

Thank you Chamath


BRo this guys knows how to killem wit kindness lol luv chamath always finds a way to make these bozo's look like the cornballs they really are lol

steve daniel says:

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George Paul says:

The blue shirt guy is so annoying

Greatest Ever. says:

Social Send is the future of crypto

Matthew Golden says:

Bitcoiners get so defensive when you point out any downsides or reason why BTC is not worth anything. Markets exists to create things… Bitcoin is so detached from the reasons markets exist in the first place…. a world where BTC is valuable is a less productive world.

MahaVakyas says:

the white people probably think Chamath is Indian. lol… Do they even know that a country called Sri Lanka exists?

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