S&P 500 Emini Day Trading | +8.5 Points – July 15th | Samurai Trading Academy

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Emini S&P 500 (ES) Futures – 555 Tick Chart – July 15th

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Wow, if only every day moved like this one! The swings were nice and clean, levels reacted to expectations, and it was easy to set targets and take some excellent profits.

Days like this do occur but the reality is that trading is rarely so clean and “perfect”. Sometimes there’s noise and price can be jumpy. Sometimes levels that should bring in some order flow to the market just get slammed right through.

That’s why I’m posting these recaps, not to show just the great days but to show the mediocre ones too and that the reality of trading isn’t about making massive profits every day but rather is about consistency in execution of your plan.

Most weeks will have one or two days that stand out from the rest and offer most of your trading profits but how you perform on the difficult days and how you protect your account when things go poorly is what separates amateurs and professionals.

-Cody @ STA


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