Spartan Traders Virtual TF E-Mini Trading Classroom 7 19 2013

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Sharing Trend Trading Skills

Privately owned Spartan Traders creates a live, online trading classroom where students learn from our experienced traders who use intra-day scalp trading methodologies designed to maximize trading accuracy for the E-Mini Russell 2000® Index futures, and other securities markets.

While most E-Mini futures are available for trading on the ICE electronic trading platform for 22 hours a day, Spartan Traders recommends mid-morning sessions to take advantage of developing trends and avoid afternoon spikes. We will typically trade for less than two hours, keeping it short, productive, and hopefully successful.
Spartan Traders provides students with information and education via live “potential trade alerts” using various trade set-ups and methodologies on its web site and/or in the Live Audio Trade Broadcast. These “potential trade alerts” are the opinions of all educators at Spartan Traders and affiliates that are believed to have a short-term trade potential.

We encourage our student traders communicate with our trading associates in our virtual chat rooms, via emails or other communications.


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