Spotlight On … John Carter and Hubert Senters

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Spotlight On … John Carter and Hubert Senters (May 15, 2012)


Our Three Favorite Trades for This Market

Buying the dip has worked well for most of 2012; at other times, there was nothing to do but look for trades “back to the mean” as markets reverted to their averages. Problems occur, however, when traders apply the wrong strategy to the wrong type of market. If the market is trending, traders should stay away from mean-reversion strategies, and vice versa. This is always evident in hindsight, but there are tools you can use to gauge when the market’s personality is about to change. And this information can make or break a trader. In this webcast, John Carter and Hubert Senters address the current market environment.

In this session, you will learn:
* Monitor market personality: trending and trading-range markets
* Identify changes from trending to trading range
* Trade and manage risk in each of those types of markets


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