Stock Market Addiction? | How to NOT Overtrade Penny Stocks (Why Less is More)

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0:30 The past few months have been rough. I started off good, and then I started makin’ some mistakes amateur mistakes like overtrading.

0:45 In the beginning, I was doing good, but I felt like I was in the scalping area, so I tried holding things longer, and that didn’t work. So I was over trading trying to make plays force plays, and they turned into small gains turned into losers. That’s when I decided to come to speak to you to get a couple of tidbits that I’m missing to get me on the right path again.

1:30 The number one thing I’ve learned is not to force things. Trying to make things happen, I been listenin’ to too many outside sources with all these different buy points and sell points and it’s just been a mess. You can kind of find; you can talk yourself into buying and selling anywhere when you look at charts long enough. So waiting for the big percent gainers meter the move not trying to find tops and bottoms just being patient lettin’ the trade come to you as opposed to trying to create a trade.

2:00 Can you implement the solution every day? Because I can watch you while you’re here but every other day, I’m not coming to Long Island every day. No offense, you have good sushi, but it’s cold.

2:45 It’s a great feeling you know, it makes you realize that it is possible. You watch a lot of videos and stuff, and it doesn’t until you see it happen to see other people doing it until you do it based on what you’re being told.

4:00 And the cool thing is that what we discussed and what works is very simple. It’s misleading because it’s so simple. Because you’re like what can I do I have to try all this stuff I have to look at all this stuff! And then it’s like whoa, wait a minute; it just makes one trade, simple, forget everything else. It’s counterintuitive; we talked about this yesterday. A lot of what makes you a great or profitable trader is not over complicating the situation. Simplify, and it’s easier too like you can go work, you can spend more time with your family. Like, you don’t have to be addicted to this if you focus on the right stuff. Which is studying, but then trading less. And trading less means getting out into the world. Because I’m an addict too, okay, you and I are very similar. You might not realize it, but I have a trading addiction, and I purposefully travel, I purposefully put myself in the bad wifi third world situations or different time zones it makes it next to impossible for me to over trade. I don’t want you to have to go that far and hopefully I can teach you to do it in the comfort of your own home.

5:20 When these plays do come about what intro indicators are you looking for the most in relevance to volume, catalyst, support, and resistance. What are the most important things that will solidify to give you the best odds when these plays do arise?

9:20 What is the biggest mistake that these guys besides over trading, because I can see that being very, all amateurs tendency coming in, but what would be the biggest thing that these people, well not these people that other traders do that makes them fail?

12:00 When these plays do come up, you know like yesterday when we had 100% gain or 200% gainer. You know, we stay away from it but if we called it earlier and we did decide to play if a fast moving play, even a prepared play, how do you set up a risk reward? I know it’s, everybody says 1:3 but when it’s in a moving target, how do you create that?

20:00 Keep up the good work. You’re on camera; you have to stay disciplined, no more overtrading.

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KillaKam922 says:

Really good interview. Love that you interview the upcoming traders as well as the sucessful ones as well.

olexchao says:

it so tempting when the stock is going up. I will stop over trading. Thanks

Ed bet says:

=) good knowledge as always

Chris Armada says:

Thanks for posting this. Excellent timing since I was not over trading but falling victim to listening to other people, basing trading on company financials and holding because I didn’t have a clear plan. Was in SMRT for almost 2 weeks because of its earnings report and lost over $1 a share. Looking back, not quickly cutting losses was my biggest mistake. I went from a small gain to losing a third of my account. I kept adding in to lower my average but that only made me lose more. All because I wasn’t prepared and didn’t have a plan.

Marcus Chan says:

and you have Steven dux, he studies everything, damn

Róbert Nagy says:

kötve hiszem o csak egy szarházi csalo ember :)))))

Monopolist says:

I took only like 2-3 trades past 2 months because my stocks/setups just aren't around, It frustrates as fuck but oh well, I know they're coming back soon. While waiting tho, I'm learning how to go about the weed mania that may happen in october/november so i'm ready to scope. Otc breakouts, hehe. seem easy compared to nasdaqs.

I did over trade a year ago, I knew about my problem so I traded with tiny tiny position sizes, over 100 trades with like $200/$300 position size only, it worked, it was a great solution for me.

Like you say Tim, use your gut for food, not for trading.

My setups aren't there. I leave. I check next day.

Monopolist says:

I love that intro man!! more, more, more

Almond Flowers says:

Hey coach! I'm a student of yours, and this interview is one of the best i watched (as in the basics)! thanks for your conviction and commitment to make OUR lives better!!! (just a small comment if you can do something to reduce the echo in these interview vids, it would make it easier to listen to, thanks)!

Bryan Peralta says:

good questions, great answers. Tim's the man!

k8 says:

great teachers: Buddha, Jesus, Tim Sykes

Adam C says:

Ive been trading 5 years and consistently profitable now. Tim is exactly right when he says treat it as a marathon and focus on PROCESS, if you get a winning process you will compound your money and it can add up faster then you realize. Also STOP OVERTRADING, only the few…FEW….best setups that come along are worth of risking money on ….he is exceedingly right about this too it will only cause you to give back profits. Everything he says here was fundamental to me becoming profitable.

Trade Para Todos says:


Trade Para Todos says:

why the intro is so áudio High… Damn…

Oinotna Iramida says:

Thanks … good to see new traders ask you some questions, so let's learn from your answers 😉

WolfOFWallStreet says:

Discipline and having a Plan is the Key 🔑


I understand and appreciate the communication. Thanks.

Bobby Bijukchhe says:

Thank you for video, fits lots of idea about trade. Which is helpful in my trade.

jay hawkins says:

Always appreciate the content but purchase x2 of these already 😉

schnellerfuchs13 says:

Great questions and awesome answers although super hard to understand due to echoing. Thx!

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