Stock Market Basics: How Bonds Work

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If you want to understand the global financial markets you will need to understand how bonds work and their importance. I go over the very basics of bonds, bond ratings, and how bond yields and movements have an effect on the economy. More so, I go over what the moves in bonds can imply about the economy and overall market. Like I said, this is just the basics and I go over everything in very basic detail. Bonds are much more complex and there is a lot to it, however this should give you an idea of what bonds are and how you can use this information to trade off of and build a trading strategy!


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Valentin Antonenko says:

Thanks for the lesson Josh.

TheShivZ says:

Why is switzerland's yield negative ? Does it mean that you have to actually pay interest on the bond you buy and get absolutely nothing in return beside the fact of being able to recuperate your money in 10 years ?

Jay Mincey says:

Good video as usual Josh. When's the podcast coming?

Mark Casique says:

First ??

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