Stock Market Crash 1929

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Great Depression film clips from the new DVD/CD release The Panic Is On.


Quaalude Charlie says:

I think she was a Hot looking Girl for those days 🙂 QC

tinythefrog says:

This is from a time when people were living it up. If they had it or not they spent it. In the twenties, Hollywood glamorized living in luxury and those who went to the show every week to see the latest at Metro, Warner Brothers and other major theaters did just that. It's no joke that this girl lost what she had, this clip is from a Fox Movie-tone Newsreel and they were not kidding. All across America you saw this clip and I have no doubt that someone bought that coat.

GoneFishing says:

"I couldn't live on the income of a million dollars"….!!!! Is this for real..?? A million dollars back then was…well…alot of dosh. One thinks she is puling our legs somewhat.

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