STOCK MARKET CRASH? 20 Reasons The Stock Market Could Crash According To Analysts

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STOCK MARKET CRASH? 20 Reasons The Stock Market Could Crash According To Analysts. Central banks have been lowering interest rates and doing quantitative easing (i.e., printing money and buying financial assets) in ways that are unsustainable. Easing in these ways has been a strong stimulative force since 2009, with just minor tightenings that caused “taper tantrums.” That bolstered asset prices both directly (from the actual buying of the assets) and indirectly (because the lowering of interest rates both raised P/Es and led to debt-financed stock buybacks and acquisitions, and levered up the buying of private equity and real estate). That form of easing is approaching its limits because interest rates can’t be lowered much more and quantitative easing is having diminishing effects on the economy and the markets as the money that is being pumped in is increasingly being stuck in the hands of investors who buy other investments with it, which drives up asset prices and drives down their future nominal and real returns and their returns relative to cash (i.e., their risk premiums). Expected returns and risk premiums of non-cash assets are being driven down toward the cash return, so there is less incentive to buy them, so it will become progressively more difficult to push their prices up.

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Lara Ethan says:

Great video man. I gotta say, I started making money, off my investment portfolio via stock trade with the aid of Mrs Rose's technique. I have had lots of profits ever since.

ANN-ASMR says:

Nice video and thank for share. I like it. I'm new friend here. I'll come often😉

Kareem T says:

Honestly buy N hold everyone hs been saying crash crasj crash for tthe last 100 years. We get petty corrections -8-12% soft shit. Markets goes up and down long term youll be fine

4evervacation says:

hey bro, Can you give your take on HD homedepot? never had a miss earning since 2014, stock is finally finally on sale! give us your view on it thanks, btw you should introduce your name on the channel. been long time sub but never learned your name!

marco polo says:

China trade deal having problems as I write this!

imeldo marcos says:

I would say either trump trade inflation or Pocahontas stupid policies will destroy the economy. Pocahontas is a bigger threat.

Ben Conway says:

FOMO has taken over the market.

Juicy Joey says:

I'm impatiently waiting for a crash. I want to buy buy buy low low low

Investing Education says:

There r arguments on both sides. I try to benefit from both ups and downs

tech 52 says:

I don’t believe it… I’m buying up stocks left and right. The change will not come until the day after the next election.

MINDS in Motion says:

I don't think we will see a recession anytime soon with an election on the way. #28TradingDaysLeft

F S says:

I am not waiting for a crash. I am picking up defensive names that are on sale and give good dividends. Money is coming out of utilities, reits, restaurants. all good buys at the moment

marco polo says:

Did you read the articles yesterday stating…"Europe is quietly drifting into a recession and Its bad news for the US"..dude stuff like this is a big red flag, these type of things could trigger a collapse in markets.

begley09 says:

May see a correction but for the people wanting a 50% crash, won't happen. Too many people want it to happen, not the same positive euphoria that we had back in 2007.

Jeff Calhan says:

I'm hoping that we say a major crash soon, but realistically all we've seen is buying

Nelson Lee says:

I have prepared for the crash, to be honest I can't wait 🙏

Mario cruz says:

Excellent Analysis the crash is very soon. All need a big correction.

Owlcity 56 says:

The stock market is booming I'm ready for a crash/correction ASAP to deploy my cash

Space Documentary says:

Always looking to buy the dip I hope stocks tank soon!

Stockmarket Money57 says:

Non stop grind higher I really liked the breakdown of s and p 500 price targets that was nice

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