Stock Market Crash 2017 – I’ll Show You How to Spot 2 Simple Warning Signals

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IGNORE the Stock Market Crash 2017 Predictions. I’ll show you how to spot 2 HUGE warning signals so you can prepare for any so-called Massive stock market correction.

There are so many economists predicting a massive stock market crash in 2017. Are we going to see a financial meltdown?

Jim Rogers, Bill Gross, Robert Kiyosaki, Harry S Dent and many others are suggesting a bigger economic collapse compared to the GFC of 2008 is going to hit 2017. Wow. Let’s hope these financial advisors are incorrect. But even if they are right, you have the power to see the warning signals right now.

I say ignore all the analysts predicting a global market crash and instead learn 2 basic skills to identify them for yourself.

Wouldn’t it be nice to follow the smart money and know exactly when they are getting out and exiting stocks before a crash?

You can see the smart money in action well before a stock market crash.

During the video, you will notice I provide around 20 examples of stocks, indices and Forex pairs that crashed. Their stock prices plummeted in most cases more than 50% within 12 months.

Now you can follow the signals the smart money puts out in order to prepare and take your money off the table if a stock market crash is going to happen.

A stock market crash could happen in 2017 and many people will see their 401k or super funds decimated. They’ll lose thousands and thousands of dollars.

But everyone should be able to view the simple warning signals.

In fact, in the video, I provide a simple free solution you can use right now. You can check for yourself.

I even go through and highlight a number of Australian and US Stocks. I show Australian stocks that have plummeted over 50% in the last 12 months.

The US stocks I show are the big ones. I highlight what they are like right now and what you need to look for to see what is likely to happen.

Stocks like $AMZN $PG $FB $GOOG $AAPL $SPX and a few others. I’ll show you which ones are showing warning signals right now and which ones look absolutely fantastic.

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Feen Kind says:

People who did not get out in 2008 and 2007 tops will certainty get out now before the crash. We are at record valuations and about to hit the debt limit on 3/15/2017 in the US. The market has been driven by central banks having very low interest rates and cross buying each other stocks. Every Federal Reserve tightening cycle has always ended badly because the FED over does it.

John lasser says:

The markets have totally separated from the vast majority of the population they're for the one percent to gamble in. Capesize tankers from around  docking at wall street load with cash in search of some semblance of law and order, The world is in chaos ,the markets will continue up for an indefinite period of time or until the penguin brigade that feeds them from around the world including 401k is totally bankrupt, it'll happen but we have a very long time to go. Enjoy the ride, three four more years, maybe more

parkerbohnn says:

Fuck the bullshit, fact is when you buy into the most overvalued stock market indexes in history (today) you will inevitably lose almost all your money. Pump and dump never gets old. Ponzi's always end the same way and if you buy today you'll be buying into a ponzi maybe not at the very top but the fact is only the bottom 5 percent or so of any ponzi gets paid so 95 percent of people in stocks will lose almost all "their" money. Fact is I should be doing these videos to save the feeble ones most of "their" money.

Randal Davis says:

everything about the financials changed when the US dropped the gold standard in the early 70's

Alfredo Crocetti says:

So let me get this straight. Jim Rickards, Joseph Stiglitz, Jim Rogers, Lew Stockwell and Peter Schiff do not have a clue?( Highly unlikly. Further more fiat monetary policy is one of the biggest ponzi schemes ever invented. To use a vernacular that u being Australian cuase of ur accent. fiat money is like watering down ur cordial more water less cordial . fiat money does the same . U print and print. What is backing ur currency . Nufin cause ur great tresurer under the Howard regime sold all ur gold. Gold price at the time was circa 300 US then it dropped under 300. What is the price of gold today. Circa 1250 US a troy ounce. Which at present day is heavaly rigged.Cuase the Chinese , Russians and the Iranians have been purchasing bullion at a un precedented rate. Hence the markets r rigged and the bullion market is rigged. IE:London bullion market constantly floods the market with paper bullion (gold and silver ) not actual bullion. Markets historically have had 7-10 year cycles. Another problem with the western economic situation. All the afferomentioned economist speak of the velocity of money. QE1,2and 3 did not increase the velocity of money. EEC QE 1,2,3 and 4 did not increase the velocity of money . The Fed in the US has been by back in a bigway all this printed money in bond by bak so has the EEC. Its all rigged. the stockmarket is over leveraged at circa 500 percent today . In 2007 with the derivatives meltdown and banking shemazal the stockmarket was leveraged at 120 percent. I am no economist but I do know my simple math.

Daniel Morse says:

This is great for people who want to be fiddling with their stocks al the time, but as someone who has a bit of cash to invest right now and leave it to grow now is a terrible time to be getting in because stocks are expensive (look at the P/E ratio of the S&P and tell me that is not the case).

Ronak Patel says:

i am new to your channel 😀😌

Dr.Bruce `Masson says:

Guy is a fool! Doesn't look at the structural problems in the world economics and the fact the market has and will crash by 20% or more overnight!

NickD25 says:

Great video but what about the news. For example, the Samsung galaxy debacle or the Volkswagen scandal. How would you go about trading news short of the illegal insider trading?

Dee Behan says:

Great show and presentation. Thank you.

Hans Felden says:

excellent professional video

Squid Life says:

those stock market crash videos are equivalent to the videos stating Obama was the antichrist, who was to put everyone in fema camps, take guns away, implement martial law, and bring the NWO.

John lasser says:

Wow! excellent tutorial Mr. thanks for taking the time.

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