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Today we discuss if a stock market crash is coming in 2018!
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Gann Trading systems Time Cycles says:

Omg! The fecal matter that flys out of your is laughable! No off to other Americans but speak and promote these big U.S. companies with such a biased view, you should be working with those CNBC knobs as you are no different! Now why Don you do some real proper research as to why your glorified love companies like Amazon etc etc have really been out performing with so called great earnings! Allow me to educate you! The fraudulent GAAP allows big companies to distort and mislead a companies real earnings performance..Add to that the cheap these companies have borrowed to buy their stock to reduce shares on issue to once again distort the P/E ratio book value results in a very overvalued companies. Also have you heard of flattening yield curve or inverted yield curve? Most likely not! And with rates and yields rising fast all the cheap money these crook have to inflate the stock price via corporate bond issuance no longer becomes cheap! Did you know U.S. corporate debt is at its highest level ever..But your a Wall poster boy of shame so keep justifying your one bullish view..As when the house of cards Ponzi scheme collapses it will take you with it!!

smokeya2 says:

Market is in a bubble, I don’t buy any of this crap that this guy is spewing. I remember hearing the same crap in 2007 before the market collapsed. When everyone is bullish including this guy then it’s probably time to get out.

layne LG8 says:

2007 normal time WHAT ! 2007 was the top of a gigantic bubble

staycontent says:

According to Martin Armstrong he says the Dow will be 40K by 2021

Ryan Scribner says:

Omg the thumbnail Jeremy loving it


Anyone bought Ocado shares? Risen lots and continuing by the looks of it.

I owe you a beer says:

Who'd ever thought is was a company called YouTube that automatically made everyone a financial genius.
When I downloaded YouTube, I became a pilot.

Cold Fury says:

This is such a half ass assessment , governments are on the verge of collapse left and right once the dollar falls these companies won't matter , you should do economic research and comparing fast performance to project future is a direct mistake , basically your entire explanation for the profits are AI which applies to only few big Giants , your assessment is severely flawed please get an education.

samuel nunez says:

Dude You talk so Much, what is Even your annual return?

Soul Business says:

Things are going good. We get it.

But it almost always requires things to be REALLY good in order for a crash to happen. Say this scenario; things get really good -> inflation kicks in -> interest rates rise as a response -> liquidity gets sucked out in of economy to pay higher interest -> economy slows -> market crashes.

And that's only one of the ways a recession could happen.

Sudden business failures or even inflation can mess about with the economy and trigger a recession. Economies extremely complex things.

david kobzar says:

Could you make a video of the tops stocks to be in for AI growth

Barret's Music Education says:

If I was CNBC I’d be picking Jeremy up in no time!

Litecoin Luis says:

We're in record profits because our money is worth less than it was in 2009.

Theo Dehopere says:

I work for Sotheby’s, and the reality about real estate is that in big cities like Paris, LA, NY etc… it has gone so high and it's still increasing so rapidly every year that we don’t know how to estimate properties anymore… it has become very difficult because if you buy a 2 million dollar house or apartement today, it might be worth 2.3 two years from now… it’s crazy…

Theo Dehopere says:

Yet again…. you nailed the intro lmao 😂

Living Life says:

Schiller current pe 32.24 we’re is the new 15 at 🤔

Rick Dee says:

Before anything………. there will be a BIG BULL Rally on Monday !!!!

SSMCable says:

MASS AMOUNTS OF STUDENT DEBT. Not saying a crash is coming, but don't be blind people!

Joe says:

What about bond yield curve/selloffs? Who would be buying all those bonds with the rates the way they are. Fed can't keep it up and tighten at the same time! With this much debt, when the rates get to a certain point this whole thing may implode. Maybe even globally since we all have leveraged ourselves to hell and back.

var1328 says:

there are always a bunch of doomsayers on youtube predicting a market crash – every once in a while they are correct. Just like every once in a while a blind squirrel finds an acorn. I just hate that they take so much credit for their predictions – even though they are wrong 99% of the time. ….Grrr 😡

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