STOCK MARKET CRASH 2018?! – February Stock Sell Off 😱📉🔥

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The stock market has looked very scary the past week. Is this the sign of a 2018 stock market crash? It’s possible but it’s also possible that it’s just a correction. The S&P 500 dropped almost 4% the past week, along with the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropping 666 points. This was caused by an overvalued stock market in 2018. Stock prices have been going up very high in 2017 and even 2018. The American government just reported 200 thousand new jobs, which could cause higher inflation and rising interest rates, which could cause the market to drop. We were likely due for a correction around this time in the market. A few good stocks were on sale this past week. Apple stock dropped 10%, Paypal stock dropped 10%, Proctor And Gamble stock dropped 8%, Starbucks stock dropped 10%, Ford stock is down 20%, AMD stock is down 9%. It’s not a bad time to buy some stocks on sale during a correction like this. No one can be sure if the market is crashing right now but a correction definitely seem possible which could be 5-10% drop. We should wait until next week to see if everything bounces back in the stock market.


The Monk Way says:

How did your stocks do the past week? And do you think it's a crash?

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Shawn Fredericks says:

You only lose if you sell grasshopper 🤷‍♂️.

xdrfox says:

The deep state the culprit … Bringing Jobs back and companies for people to work dose not crash the Stock Market ! Take a good LOOK t Who is Behind this !
AI programs .. dip and all follow

Darin Walker says:

This is because of Warren Buffett's stock purchase in Bank of America. People are liquidating their stocks and buying into BOA along with Warren Buffet because when there is a big investment like that, the stocks for that business will go up big for a while.

This whole thing is only a large scale investment move in the market. There is nothing wrong here.

If anything is nefarious about this, then Warren Buffet may have done this move to cause the market to have this big drop, in order to punish Trump and make his base cease believing in him. Buffet may be part of the Deep State!


Anytime you can jolt people with fear and hysteria, you open their minds briefly for programming of what to believe. If this large market fluctuation (and that's all it is, a fluctuation, albeit large), was by design, watch to see what kinds of stories come from the left trying to connect Trump to it, or discredit him because of it.

Cordie High says:

The deep state is sending trump a message you release the memos we will crash the economy

matthew osifo says:

Good prediction man

Pfsif says:

The (((Elite))) Wall Street insiders got out and the Goy will eat it.

Abhishek Singh says:

In your opinion, do you think Donald Trump is responsible for the economic growth that we've seen recently?

Abhishek Singh says:

The market will drop, rise again and then drop (or crash.) If the market goes up, it'll do down and then up again.

Jo Ta says:

Thanks for your input. Can you do a follow-up video this week on this? Today was a pretty bad day too.

Lee Johnson says:

Trump Stock Market down by over a thousands points on Monday Feb 5, 2018. Has Trump lost his Magic.

Knitwit says:

Could it be that the Stock Market fell because of the release of the Memo, detailing how the crooked FBI, DOJ, and the Democrats in Congress conspired to destroy Trump? Using the fake dossier, which set off the Mueller witch hunt, the government shutdown, and the Democrats refusal to work on a bi-partisan immigration reform bill makes people feel uncertain about the government, which leads to fluctuations in the stock market. DUH!

chung chan says:

this is why you should not gamble lol

Nicholas Lombardi says:

The Market is now down 927 point… if you had been following the Peter Shift and Maloney for months now they have been predicting a Market crash coming SOON to you! Once bitcoin drops to 1000 point its all over,  the drunks will sober up and leave the Casino! LIKE I Said, SELL NOW! Warren Buffet did! He has a Billion dollars off to the side! Stocks closed at 1,179 points 4.62%

Alex James says:

Just dropped around noon

boogyjuggy says:

Its about time…saw this starting last week, its going to get real ugly…stock market crash, major housing bubble, crash coming here in Canada…a mess in the making…massive debt bubble, phony low interest rates…here we go…saw this coming for the last few years…enjoy the freak show, this will be an ugly, ugly mess…lolllllllllllllllllllllllllll, people are broke, governments are broke…greedy public sector unions – bankrupting future generations, bloody scum…a big, big POP, this will be fun to watch…Governments, banks created this and I hope you will get what you deserve you greedy scum bags …lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

wayne mcclory says:

This is only the beginning. The Fed and C B are crashing this deliberately. Time to dig in .. for me is gold and silver.

chocolate bar says:

Hi Monk, are you living in Canada?

Nicholas Lombardi says:


Nicholas Lombardi says:

Hi, I only subscribed to see if you lose your ass in the stock market. I wanted to hear you scream like a 12-year-old after you realize that the damn thing (Stock Market) has falling 50%. Makes for good, entertainment. Sort a like the three worst train wrecks we had in the last two months! Have a nice day!

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