Stock Market Crash 2018 ?!? Let’s look at the facts…. // recession coming collapse imminent

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Stock Market Crash 2018 ?!? Let’s look at the facts…. // recession coming collapse imminent 2019 2017 usa UVXY TVIX VXX VIX XIV SVXY VIXY SPY QQQ DIA DJIA TLT IWM

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Karen Bentley says:

Thanks David.  Very sane and helpful.

OD says:

How to prepare for a possible economic collapse, food shortages, power cuts, cold weather – the real issues.
A long power cut has unpredictable consequences. Panic, when supermarkets stop to function, would prevail even though they emergency generation would kick in, but these devices depend on fuel and how is this fuel going to get delivered? Electric pumps won't fill tankers so manual pumping would have to take place that would be unable to cope with demand. Cell phones, TVs, radios, central heating-cooling, washing machines, dish washers, lighting, and our dependencies will come to a stop and its consequence will immediately become apparent. Panic buying will cause food shortages shelf contents will disappear rapidly. Looting will escalate and gangs will emerge with one leader being more psychopathic than the next.Gun and ammunition looting will assist leaders who get in first.
There are, however, good leaders who care for those in their charge but their success will inevitably rely on support from those who wish to counteract the evil that may start to breath upon them.
A lot of you may think that this is the elitists' plan, a devise to turn us against each other.
So what should especially when we are regarded as being the most intelligent creature on this earthly realm?
We need to start to apply this intelligence.
We could start practicing. Practice how to wash your dishes with cold water and have a stock of liquid detergents for clothes, also. Purchase tubes and tyres for your bicycles, make sure you have a bicycle, and a basket or trolley, a mountain bike has obvious advantages. Purchase clothing that you would expect to wear when hiking on snowy mountains and plenty of blankets to keep you warm in bed. Make sure you have enough candles and learn how to make them yourselves. Discover ways of heating your homes from available resource. Purchase spades and shovels, not to bash your neighbour over the head with, but to help start growing your own produce, whether it be individual or as a cooperative, this cooperative is the saviour of you all, Initially, things will be hard but a respect for each other will emerge and the value of individuals, appreciated.
It seems that the ones running the show are leading us on a merry dance of fear and loathing of one another but they need to change their game plan since they, themselves, may be in danger of blow back.
If the masses all downed tools their power would be wasted in an instant.
Will these show runners come to their senses and end the madness of war that encourages ourselves to destroy ourselves for their profit and psychopathic fulfilment, or has it reached the point of no return?
As mentioned by many, take a positive attitude and stop the way that we have been controlled, for.let's face it, we all have contributed to ending up in the situation that we now find ourselves in, whether realising it or not, and please don't don't go down the path of violence for we will end up in the same place. Everything can be accomplished without this, insidious, approach, the bullet has been and still is the cause of unimaginable destruction and its time to put an end to it.

Hector Zepeda says:

annoying music

jimsjoe1 says:

As the capital flight out of Europe accelerates as the euro, EU, most of its banks and countries are in serious trouble. Capital has been flowing into dollars and US equities and this will continue which has placed pressure on commodities including gold and silver. Armstrong Economics computer models are forecasting in 2018 both the Monetary and the Sovereign Debt Crisis hits there along with the pension crisis. It was just announced that another bank in Italy is now in trouble and the pension crisis has hit Spain. Institutional investors are moving capital out and this will not only continue but accelerate. Brussels now wants countries in the EU to pay 25% more, they want a tax on all financial transactions and want to tax people and businesses directly. Brussels and the ECB has destroyed Europe and it is going to be much, much worse. The models are forecasting Europe will not survive in its present form Capital flight out has also accelerated the collapse. As this continues the dollar will again strengthen and US equities will rise and metals will take a hit. Back in 2011 the models forecast the Dow to 22,000, then 23,000 and then on to 38,000 to 42,000 all due to capital flight out of Europe. The models are also forecasting the worst for the Dow is a normal correction at a maximum 8% before moving higher. Capital is simply being parked in markets with huge pools of liquidity and that is the US. This is why all those for the last couple of years who have been promoting fear porn claiming the dollar and the Dow will collapse have been completely wrong and will continue to be. It is all about capital flows and if you do not understand these your forecasts will continue to be wrong. The only thing propping up Europe is the ECB creating 60 billion euros a month out of thin air and buying all the toxic sovereign and corporate debt. If they stop, countries, banks and corporations collapse faster. If they keep buying the euro collapses faster. Either way they are all toast. Now many that promote metals have been claiming markets are overvalued. After the 87 crash the S&P P/E ratio peaked at 50/1, dot com bust at 46.5/1 and 2008/9 at 123/1. Today we are only at 25/1. So9 where are they overvalued? At this ratio level the S&P nor the Dow can collapse. Another factor is all collapses above have been caused when there is a high concentration of retail in markets, they get spooked and sell causing prices to fall enough where the HFT algos sell orders are triggered and off we go. Retail is still under 50% from it peak so there is not enough concentration to trigger the algos. Now if you take everything above this is why there will be no collapse. Maybe a correction but that is about it.

Finance & Economics says:

If someone did want to go short this market, the best products to use imo would be SH or SDS. They'd also be great to use to hedge a long position, in case of a short term decline.

Rahul Chahal says:

While crash doesn’t happen as often but 3% pullback and 5% or 10% corrections are not only healthy but also occur on a regular basis. The last pullback happened before Trump got elected. From the lowest close of Feb 2016 to highest close earlier this month S&P is up about 42%. Completely agree one shouldn’t be shorting a bull market but being prepared for pullback or correction may not be a bad idea.

Thomas DiSalvio says:

Good Video. Thanks for sharing.

ghostface killa says:

When u pin comment what does that do

ghostface killa says:

So guess I'm keep studying n move forward slowly thanks for great information

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