Stock Market Crash 2019 Technical Analysis

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Fair Judgement says:

I would like to slap the shit out of Jeff Bishop. Great video btw.

Andrew Nall says:

You just banged out this crazy insightful video! Respectss

Billy Trummer says:

"Just a chart" followed immediately by "charts don't lie"…Your confidence goes a long way for sure, and converging support/resistance with Fibonacci is solid analysis…but you can't act like you understand technical v fundamental when you contradict yourself twice within a 10 second range

Koin King says:

What do you think after Powell's comments today? Do you think the market will go up now that the fed has promised to use whatever policy necessary to accomodate the market?

serge quick says:

Finally someone really See's the truth.get your cash ready you will be Rich!!!

It’s Omar says:

you mean inverse ETF's

CD says:

Trend line breaks usually moves sideways before a crash happens. Too much hype about bear markets now, it wont happen yet.

Freeyourdollar says:

You are speaking pure truth but I do have one bone to pick and that is you neglect to mention the key variable today in trading, investing and that is the variable of corruption. Your economic data can show crash, your technical can show crash and we can go another ten years Bull. Why? Because the markets do not follow rules or law any longer. They can just cheat and screw retail at their whim.

Freeyourdollar says:

China is easing up on banks so they are starting to pump fake money while the US is ending its pump. I'm am switching to Chinese markets and shorting US markets soon.

DJ Vertigo says:

Love the information, but you broke the “MMM K” meter with a conservative count of 39!!!!

Jon Nichols says:

Great video again Connor! Very clear, concise and to the point. You are one of the better Stock Market Youtubers, and your vast knowledge and content is a reason why I am part of the BRT community. Thanks for all you do and the service you provide! Keep it up!

Mark Fox says:

The dollar is weak

Mark Fox says:

Buy cryptocurrency before you lose your shirt

Prasad Gajare says:

Which gold etf are long on? GLD? Or IAU?

Aminu Tahiru says:

I always enjoy your videos hope to see more updates. Thank you ?

I8XTC Forever says:

Call me an idiot but I’m not sure what’s going on, can you short the DOWJ. Just a quick question.

Kyle Norton says:

Great Video!

Zen3y3 says:

Trump gets indicted after losing in 2020, Russians are obvi short selling Mercan equities. James Bond villiany at it's best.

kei lau says:

theres no way the market doesnt come down near spx 1,000

Jesxs says:

completely off topic but question, so now would be a bad time to finance a car?? Im heading in to college this fall and I was planning on financing my first car(around 30 grand or less) sometime around march or april but is it a bad idea if the interest and loan rates are going to go up in the coming years and considering im only going to work a part time job while in college?

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