Stock Market Crash 2019| WILL THE STOCK MARKET CRASH IN 2019?

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Stock Market Crash 2019| WILL THE STOCK MARKET CRASH IN 2019? Is the stock market crash over or was the correction we had in 2018 a fluke event? Is the stock market trading at incredibly overbought levels? Where does the stock market go from here?
Where we are trading at at this specific moment in time is a combination of many factors
We had the convening of the plunge protection team in on December 24th.
We had a major pension fund rebalancing in a low liquidity environment which contributed to a massive reversal to the upside
We had the retirement account contributions which brought fresh capital into the markets
We had the federal reserve meet and pause interest rate hikes for the rest of 2019 paving the path for higher asset prices
We had investors abandon any fear surrounding the global trade wars pushed to the side as investors price in the expectation that the United States and China will make a trade deal

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Financial Prosperity says:

It will be interesting to see how EPS numbers are this earnings season with the massive share buyback

JK Jazz Drummer says:

The only problem is no one knows when a correction will occur and if it does the prices could end up to where we are now. Sometimes it can be dangerous to try and time the market by waiting for lower prices. Good analysis as always!

khareef el says:

I enjoy most of your videos but lately it is clear you try to monetize your channel without having new content. Same recycled stuff over and over, you even put twice some old buffett stuff to get over 10 minutes in a previous video. You are gonna lose subscribers like this.

Investment Future Finances says:

Great video as always man.

Stockmarket Money57 says:

We will reach all time highs this month! Earnings will be 💪🏻

Jane Dali says:

The last couple of months in the stock market have been nuts!

too much fries says:

People been saying stocks are expensive since 2011. Where else are you going to put your money? Gold? Lol Cash deposit? Lol.
Having said that, it’s a good time to deleverage.

Stocks On My Mind says:

Wow what a video! One of the best videos you've made. Great coverage of what has occurred in the stock market over the last 5 months. I'm with you its time for the market to cool off.

Phil Newins says:

I wouldn’t touch the stock market with a 10 foot pole right now. Nothing is cheap. Very few sectors are undervalued. Even oil stocks are expensive.

Alex Rivas says:

So would it be smart to sell current stock I bought recently and buy again when stock are lower?

Sara Willis says:

The S and P 500 will hit fresh all time highs most likely around the $300 level before a major pullback.

Jeff Calhan says:

I'm a stock market bull but I loved this video you put forward great points! Awesome video. The stock market rally was fully supported by policymakers (the fed). A lot to think about great content.

Positive Investing says:

Great video and walkthrough of the last few months. Will be interesting to see where things lead us for the second half of 2019

Owlcity 56 says:

The crash is coming get ready for it! I'm not a doomsayer in any way shape or form, but the reality is stocks are VERY expensive.

Ariel R says:

Amazing video! This really highlights what is really happening in the market. Keep up the great work!

Sweet Creation03 says:

when fall india market

Johnny Will says:

The fed should let interest rates rise. They think that prices rising makes people wealthier but it actually makes people more poor.

Money Andmurica says:

You'd have to be nuts to buy stocks right now. Many stocks are trading with forward P/E ratios around 25-30. Makes no sense. If you've been around long enough you know that the pace of gains is unsustainable.

Jennifer Babe says:

Stocks are due for a massive pullback. We are reaching the upper level of historical price to earnings ratios! Even if we go higher long term there is huge downside

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