Stock Market Crash 2020, Turning Crisis into Opportunity

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Many investors fear stock market crashes and bear markets. The reality is that the greatest fortunes come from making investments during these periods of fear and crisis.

This is the story of how Adam Khoo made over a million dollars in 5 months following the 2020 Stock Market crash

Stock investment & trading insights by Adam Khoo shows you profitable trading and investment opportunities in today’s stock markets.

These are essential strategies for stock traders and investors who want to improve their investment and trading performance.

Adam Khoo is a professional stocks and forex trading and the best-selling author of ‘Winning the Game of Stocks” and “Profit from the Panic”. Thousands of students have profited from his sharp investment insights into the world of stock investing and trading.

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Diego Suarez says:

Adam's passion to teach and share his knowledge has given the opportunity to many of us; regardless of our backgrounds; to learn, share, respect and reach our financial freedom…

Extremely Superior says:

★ Is the NASDAQ really a bubble?

I would like to ask the following questions to those who claim the NASDAQ as a bubble right now.

"When was the stock market not a bubble?"

"If now is a bubble, when should I invest?"

"How can a company's intrinsic value be assessed?"

"What is the reasonable criterion to distinguish undervalued from overvalued?"

I bet, they'll only repeat the obvious sounds for those questions.

"I'm not sure, if you know that, you're already rich, I don't know, but the bubble seems to be clear, isn't a stock stock that is overvalued against book value?"

Now I want to tell you to stop all that bullshit.

At the time to show off such bullshit, I hope you buy any stock you believe is worthwhile.

'Why didn't you buy it then?'

It is emphasized again, but it is difficult to come up with a product that will replace the products of Nasdaq's leading companies.

Apple's iPhone, Google's search engine, Amazon's shopping mall and cloud, Microsoft's Windows and Office, etc.

Please seriously consider whether it will be easy to develop products to replace these products.

It is very difficult to develop a product to replace those products, not only for start-ups, even for companies that already have a lot of money.

It is no exaggeration to say that it is almost impossible.

Even while you're thinking or contemplating that, Amazon and Tesla are developing real spaceships.

Those who claim that the stock market is a bubble, please check the history of Nasdaq's leading companies at least once.

Companies with the best stock prices right now did not achieve that success one morning, but went through a period of popularity for almost 10 years.

For example, with Apple and Amazon alone, Steve Jobs, you know, has been struggling all his life to lay the foundation for Apple, and Tim Cook succeeds to grow Apple indefinitely.

And in the case of Amazon, Jeff Bezos was initially contemplated and ridiculed as'running a company without thinking about profits' or'a boring company that sells books and books over the Internet'.

During the dot-com bubble, stock prices plummeted, and crises that were almost ruin have passed several times.

After struggling between life and death, today's Amazon was created.

Amazon is not just a successful company, it is a crystal of the determination and tenacity of many

At least as long as Tim Cook and Jeff Bezos are active, the status of Apple or Amazon will not be easily broken or withdrawn.

So stop playing bubbles that haven't been done anymore, and let's get on the back of the unicorn as soon as possible.

Phix says:

Panic everyone, send shockwaves in to their spines and “Bye low” strategy.

Aditya Gautam says:

He just got lucky with the Feds pumping in Trillions of dollars. The Wall street and the real street are still very different. Had Feds didn't pump the money, we would still be at low

Ordinary Guy says:

Adam Khoo made a Hitler joke video on Bearish vs Bullish and now this video. He keeps saying both things together about the market so that he can play with the situation and make himself look great. I made much higher returns by not blindly following his advise.

Mary Ho says:

Adam is strictly legitimate. Have tried various courses but they were limited by their individual dogmas. Joined his Ultimate Investors Playbook early this yr to repair my portfolio. Cl not buy much in Mar as I was quite invested yet cl still make an overall low teens portfolio gain following just some of his picks despite still being weighed down by some of my old stox, esp in the oil sector tt he had explicitly warned us to avoid. I looked at his picks (quality w momentum in being quick to recover) vis-a-vis my old ones n I saw the contrast due to his expertise in interpreting the charts, meticulously analysed stock picks & experience thro navigating bear mkts. I signed up for most of his courses to learn fr scratch again bec the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Luis Torres says:

It wasn’t a crash it was just a really big dip…

Joyce Koch says:

Old history. What people want to know is will the market be higher or lower than now in Jan 2021.

Ben F says:

Ok thats great but Who knows what will happen now absolutely nobody.


Unbiased, realistic and to the point Adam opened my eyes and now i can sleep good at night, making money. I wish i found him earlier. For many ears i have lost money listening to the media and all kind of "gurus"
Adam is truly an EXCELLENT TEACHER!
I plan to take his Whale Investor and Options Trading courses as soon as my job allows me the time for it.
I am not payed to write this! This is my honest opinion.
As Adam always says "May the markets be with you"

Mesut Toker says:

I've been follow him since 3 years and really glade to learn his long term predictions. I don't care what's going on in short term, but long term, he was right most of the time . He has a pattern for invesment and he is really stick with it.

Thank you Adam, for trying to teach us how to catch a fish, not give one.

Sushil Kumar says:

Sir You r a true genius of stock market.nobody except you had the courage to say in April that MARKETS HAVE BOTTOMED OUT

Enoch Antwi says:

Investing is how you create Wealth, I started investing from pandemic crash👍

HardTimesFitzcarraldo says:

All great but is this thing keep going higher?

Taher Makda says:

Video Editing was awesome 😃

Spencer Edwards says:

I used to think investing in stocks was a failing endeavor until I came across her feedback in comment section. She made me realize that there is a system to trading which is 90% effective if executed properly.

Vivek Katiyar says:

Sir, you are really the best 🙏🙏mentor👍👍 but i had been unfortunate to act as per your advice bacasuse of my insanity of asking to other advisors for their confirmation about your correctness.
Biggest lesson, act promptly instead of listening to 2nd opinion before it becomes a lost opportunity .😭😭😭😭

Jere Ong says:

Let me add some balance to the overzealous anti-adam and overzealous pro-adam brigades here. First of all, I'm a student of piranha profits (Adam's online school), and has taken every course available (except 1). I'm also a subscriber of his Ultimate Investor's Playbook (UIP).

Let's begin with what Adam has experience in and has achieved:
1. Has experience in the markets for over 28 years (as Adam proclaimed)
2. Manages a multi-million dollar portfolio
3. Runs a financial literacy school with a multi-million dollar turnover
4. Is a well-known and sought after speaker in Singapore.
5. Simple investment strategies.
6. Buy-and-Hold investor
7. Attained reasonable returns on his investment portfolio (which is by far his largest allocation in his total portfolio that also comprises options trading, and forex trading)

Let's continue with where I think Adam may fall short on:
1. I do not know of anyone in his team other than him, and perhaps one other analyst that goes by Richard who forms the bench with Adam. I do not think Adam has a deep bench as compared to other highly reputable investment literacy services based in the U.S.
2. Adam's investment analysis approach (he calls it the Value Momentum Investing [VMI] 7 steps) is simple. It may not be sophisticated enough to appreciate many high growth stocks that have been identified by the other highly reputable services that I have subscribed to and has attained far larger total returns and compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) than the portfolio in Adam's UIP. In fact, besides the stocks that everyone knows about in FANMAG (less NFLX), there's hardly any other breakthrough / high growth technology name in his portfolio (less two other names that begins with V***, and 3***). Many of these names recommended by the other services that I subscribed to have greatly outperformed FANMAG.

2. UIP is very expensive for what it serves compared to the other services that I subscribed to in my opinion. If you take out the FANMAG component, the portfolio is very weak. Based on my own analysis, CAGR excluding FANMAG falls into single digits over a 3 year horizon.

3. Adam often sells his DCF calculator as one of his main components for his VMI course. In fact, there exists many good valuation calculators online as part of their investment research subscription that takes into account a greater amount of valuation methods, and models, which are available at very reasonable costs. They are far more sophisticated than the ones that Adam uses, and are updated daily, and also offers customization to the discerning user.

4. Adam's technical analysis as part of the "M" component in his VMI course is nothing special. It's just simple analysis using moving averages, and perhaps some other technical indicators such as Stochastics, and Bollinger Bands. There's no need to pay a high fee for that kind of analysis where you probably can learn for free.

5. Lastly, Adam is a buy-and-hold investor. He uses options spreads to hedge his portfolio during bear markets in order to potentially reduce his paper losses, and used the potential profits from these options spreads to plough back into his investment portfolio. However, it does not work all the time. There's a good portion of his investment portfolio that has yet to recover their covid losses. At the same time, buy-and-hold approach may not work as well as it seems all the time. This is exemplified by one other well known investing service (from the U.S.) that champions the CAN SLIM approach. The losses are largely minimized during the recent bear market as they sold off most of the holdings before the crash, while also hedging the rest. They remain largely in cash, and then picked up the strong growth stocks in early Apr once they determined the start of the new uptrend. As a result, the portfolio for that has returned over 40% YTD without suffering the current paper losses that Adam has in his portfolio. The sharpe ratio for that investing service greatly trumps that of UIP.

Adam is a well known speaker in Singapore. However as avid investors, we must do our home work, develop a keen mind to learning, and dig deeper to make our money well worth before we subscribe to the services. Relatively to the other services that I subscribed to, I would grade AK's services as C to C+ in terms of price & growth.

Jojo says:

I swing and go long. I use Adams chart analysis a lot. The news and analysts are full of shit. The market is psychologically driven which is why it’s illogical as Adam says. I use the news, market conditions, analyst, stick twits, charts and financial statement to take the temperature of a stock. That’s how decide to buy or sell. As Adam says you just need to be right more than 50% of the time. I’m up 200% for the past 6 months. 150% for the year and climbing. I haven’t taken any of your classes yet but will one day. I discovered you this year and it has changed the way I trade to a more profitable one. Thank you Adam.

Jack Christopher says:

Is unfair that 2020 online stock market is just difficult and unbelievable i rather invest my money only on bitcion

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