Stock Market Crash 2020: Warning Bells Are Ringing! The Stock Market Bubble Will Pop Soon

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There are warning signs of a stock market crash on the horizon. Things are becoming clearer every single day; today’s stock market bubble will burst soon.

Whether any of you remember the dot-com bubble. Well, some of you probably aren’t old enough to remember, since the bubble peaked in 2000, but I’m sure the rest of you recall what happened that year.

There’s a reason I mention the dot-com bubble and the year 2000.
Almost one week ago, the Nasdaq 100 index started increasing and gained almost 2%, setting a new record high. Then, on that same day, it lost 2%…plus a little extra. This weird and unexpected situation has only happened one other time: March 7, 2000, the date the dot-com bubble reached its peak.

The Wilshire 5000 to GDP ratio also allows us to estimate the total market cap. Don’t forget that the ratio hit a historic high – 155% – right before the stock market crash in March 2020.

Therefore, this current illusionary recovery is really a perilous signal for the stock market.

The threat is obvious. The market sharks are selling, but rookies are buying…

Instead, they’re investing in the stock market with the money they just got from their governments…

Be prepared, folks; don’t fall for the illusion of monetary tools. Think of yourselves, your future, and your family; they’re what we live for…

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QLCL Corporate says:

I remember the dot com bubble. And I remember the sheeps laughing at my father for saying it was a bubble. And then when the crash happened I remember the sheeps being angry at my dad for not warning them.

Dave Langley says:

Ya that’s all they say but the markets are higher than ever. How can the be

wigglebot23 says:

Do a video on NASDAQ:TOPS

no huynh says:

Lost a lot money buying puts now I only buy and sell stocks. Just bought VIX after GDP announced

Alfred Cubin says:

I lived through the dotcom bubble…same attitudes, same ignorance, same arrogance, same ecstatic pleasure of winning. This market is like a roulette gaming…the more you win in the beginning the more you lose in the end. I am not short or long, I am just cash right now.

MJ says:

Look up the 1988 cover of The Economist Magazine. The next Economic system was foretold on that cover.

Goober Mcgilicuty says:

The thing about bubbles are the inflated values are always eventually realized. These doomsayers pathetically leave that out!!!!!!!!!

Goober Mcgilicuty says:

Sell! Sell!! Easily manipulated morons!!

Farmer Dan says:

The Demoncraps have chosen to stop the unemployment pay… Surprisingly we agree on something.
But Dems do it to cause more pain prior to the election.

midijeep says:

how does one protect one's 401K when you can't even cash out to move the money to a saver haven? Is there a safer place in a 401k to move the money out of the stocks?

HeyShaded says:

US vs China is a fake tactic

financial argument says:

Be prepared, folks; don’t fall for the illusion of monetary tools. Think of yourselves, your future, and your family; they’re what we live for…

Bart Van Looy says:

Buffett is actually buying shares of Bank of America.

HIM Solar Gate says:

Comrade your video is very good but market will not crash till after the election.

Michael Ric says:


Robert Long says:

the stock market is like a roller coaster. is witch im getting out of it

s says:

The global coordination of central bank monetary policy has an end goal of setting the stage for endless global war, famine and crises…… not a peaceful global community of sustainability.

A Romanian guy says:

No shit there is more chance of me getting a Girlfriend in lockdown than the Market "Drooping"

goodguygto says:

I remember the dot-com bubble too!! I also remember that stupid AOL!!! AOL to ME!!, Asshole's On Line!!!👎👎👎

goodguygto says:

Hooray!!, you're back!!! And you brought back the Bell (intro Bell)!!!👍👍👍😀😀😀🍺🍺

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