Stock Market Crash 2020 – What Happens Next?

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The Stock Market Crash in 2020 probably has you looking at the losses in the equity part of your portfolio wondering if the selloff is going to get worse this year or whether the market will recover. Well, the good news is that the equity market as a whole has always recovered in the past and will almost certainly do so again. But it might be a rough and lengthy round trip. We look at what has happened so far through the lens of Hyman Minsky’s ideas and valuation, and at the anatomy of a crisis and what leads to vulnerabilities and end by looking at the vulnerable markets today.

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dachanist says:

Market goes up: Buy slowly and predictably, valuations will make sense when you're older
Market goes down: Buy dividend yield, it's not like earnings will go down
Market goes down fast: Don't sell! We have to wait for earnings season to know if earnings are going down.
Intermission: Market is admittedly still in the upper range of P/E: Slow and Steady wins the IQ test, Did we mention you should own bonds eventhough the 10y T is paying 1/2%
Market bottoms out: You can buy a house for the price of an economy car, Your buddy is getting divorced and has gone bankrupt, Retired people are becoming homeless… If only we knew, we'd have money left to buy now that everything is obviously cheap…
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00N4TH4N00 says:

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Metal Bum says:

Hey PensionCraft when do we start buying?

dafttool says:

American Nero to the rescue,
America’s riches gifted to the few,
The last two years of the Dow has vanished,
Just as sanity was quarantined and banished.

Kieran Thomas says:

What should I invest in at this time?

Corey Hanson says:

Sell, sell, sell.

Michael Donnelly says:

No one seems to be talking and the American FED repo program that allowed the banks to exit in profit. They are largely responsible for this recent bubble, don't you think?

Mark Chaplin says:


Paul Paul says:

Tsla is the next ENRON

Ck Jenks says:

Staying calm. No reason to panic…holding and looking to buy. BUY LOW, SELL HIGH FOLKS!

Norseman says:

The virus is just a set up for the yield curve years and years of fake money ….

James Powlett says:

The end game is prob money will have no value says:

We're past the tipping point for coronavirus fears. The tipping point was Friday when SXSW was cancelled. This will hurt business, and here are some ways that businesses can be proactive at this time:

Michael Mcshade says:

Over 200 CEO’s parachuted out past year, credit freeze incoming, Fed will lower and 🤚 out helicopter Fed notes……mkts will go up again before the big pop! ……….Cerevza is to distract you……. Bail out of fiat policy scheme, that will steal your wealth, if u haven’t yet……Gold & Bitcoin 🚀

Les Charles says:

We saw the market collapse in ‘09. Hope we don’t see a similar situation in ‘20🤔

j mc says:

A British accent can help anything sound better and more credible. I’m part Brit but sadly don’t have your accent. Thank you for a calm approach. Dr John Campbell a UK doc has a good YT channel for COVID19 info. Stay calm and carry on. And wash hands…properly. Sing happy bday 😉.

God's Avenger says:

Globalist PSYOP to destroy the economy.

MYOB Boy says:

I put all my spare funds into gold sovereigns in the early 2000's at an average price of £58, today £312. Real interest rates (vs gold) have averaged minus 8% per year for these last twenty years. What happens to fiat currency debt holders once they realize that they were had? What about the gold soveriegn reaching say £2500, or would you want to lose even more before you finally decide to get out of our pretend "Monopoly-currencies" completely?

It’s all about the vam and Sam ; says:

I told you last year we were going have a recession , oil was in prediction from the Rutland man

Tudor Ioan says:

Another excellent synthesis Ramin, just thanks !

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