Stock Market Crash 5/6/10 (Live Panic!) Incredible!!

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“I see a development in the Gold market. For years, Gold has acted like commodity and roughly tracked the stock market. Last week, I believe due to major instability in the Eurozone (Greece and Spain), Gold went up and the markets went down, evidence that Gold is acting like a safe haven currency. I’ll pay close attention this week, this could spell troubling things for the global financial system.”

– Ron Paul (5/2/2010)

Listen to what a market meltdown panic sounds like. For the generations to come, here it is in its full glory. This is what the 15 minutes of the most shocking market event in the recent history sounds like.


NoWayOut says:

My father got let go a week later.

Eddie Espinoza says:

Yeah don't call your broker, don't sell your stocks, don't cash out now. Just stay right where you are. When you listen to these clowns to get you in you're going to listen to them to keep you in.

Reid Butler says:

0:01 The DOW has already lost 459 points, sitting at 10,408.62. … 3:47 The DOW drops below 10,000 — it hit 9,999.91, or a drop of over 860 points.

Zapper Zapped says:

Those guys would have their guts to talk while their stocks are crashing rock bottoms…

sydable4 says:

This is exactly what I was looking for thank you so much. I love watching news people reactions to major events live, that's when they drop the act and become people, you truly see the struggle they deal with as they try to keep their professional cool. Once they freak out its just so surreal they don't know how to react. 

JC Korn says:

And they say gambling's illegal….

Chinh Phan says:

oh shut the fuck up, nobody gives a fuck about your imaginary lines and terms.

tito5u says:

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Scrooge Mcduck says:

you can actually make a lot of money in a strong bear market like this if you only utilize simple strategies,many people absolutely love days like this,when you get past the ethical issues by profiting on others misfortune

Scrooge Mcduck says:

this is fun and makes you money,if you care to enligthen yourself instead of whining out of envy/ignorance

Scrooge Mcduck says:

yeah,bout that have some swampland down in florida,if your interested

melskilove says:

Who was that sent me….

ddstar says:

You are a dumb cunt. Repbulicans suck, Democrats suck, the entire system sucks. Grow up you child.

Dhan Dhan says:

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melskilove says:

this is what hell sounds like on the floor when you here these guys firing away like this you know there is a few things happening the BIG BOYS are cashing out the and running for the hills the little guy is taking it up the wazzzoooo the Dollar is taking a pounding the market and has he's pitching your retirement pension 401k all are going bye bye this guy went home and just slept for days…..

melskilove says:

this is what the republicans want to do and get us back to this b.s….Hell Know!!!!!!

MVrockersPS3 says:

@daven58100 That movie is awesome

Versohnung says:

@JP5466 if you do the opposite of what the shit-head jim cramer says, you will make money, if he says buy, you sell, it has worked for me 80%

FatLibertarianInOkc says:

I don't watch CNBC very often but THAT DAY I was watching live as it happened. It was surreal. I thought "THE CRASH" was happening.

a00120002 says:

10/13/2008 CLOSED at 9387.61 CHANGE of 936.42 , 10/28/2008 CLOSED at 9065.12 CHANGE of 889.35… Both days roughly 11% losses

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