Stock Market Crash Alert (Fear Sells, No?)

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for reals says:

kewl motherfucker.

Zul Abror says:

This is just a correction. A long extended correction till end of 2018 where it will drop hard but then rise even harder with QE.
Remember 2015? Everyone including me thinks its the end. But no. The market gives everyone the F**k you and rise 50%.

fred kramer says:

a musical pattern in tune with emotional market patterns is interesting.

adezzy tmw says:

Looks like a back test of the done trend line

uawsux says:

I think it's very classless of you to use the word fuck wad.. fuck wad is a very vulgar very vulgar term it is like the c word that women cannot stand, even though they deserve it ..
you could use the term fucktard fucktard is so much classier and so much better

Pete Zahutt says:

Greg the man says nothing is real it's all an illusion . Back up tomorrow more than likely. lol

John Bonato says:

Really enjoyed this video, very entertaining, couldn't stop laughing! Thank you.

dexterdave54 says:

I didn't know you were live, Maestro. One day, people will be so upset when they realize how cheap they could bought silver for.

Bogus Fiat says:

If you ain't in it you can't lose.

Richard Mac says:

Burn baby Burn !!

Phillip Troup says:

Maestro please do a chart of silver and gold to other currencies like Euro, Pound Sterling, Yuan, etc to see if the dollar is actually growing or if other markets take the hit like the US market does for us stackers

R R says:

Maestro may I suggest that you also follow more markets like China, India, Germany, France……….charts of global markets.

nickisacebeans says:

2% is nothing

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