Stock Market Crash, Allan Greenspan tells the truth

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Scott Gillam says:

76? A little way off – Alan Greenspan is 92!

Blockchain700 says:

Buy bitcon and gold

Mike Peters says:

Stop right there: For years Congress has taken money paid to Social Security and has never paid any back. Every year, year after year a surplus existed that was to be and could have been compiled but Congress stole it. If they can convince the younger generations that those $0 investment returns are a handout they can walk away from their theft and never be held accountable. Social Security is not an Entitlement.

Michael says:

Greenspan is one of the MJ 12

MrMahuike says:

the US spends more on war than the next 7 countries COMBINED…the SS is difficult do to war…too many children born after WW2 have now come to retirement….later in the past century, the US pushed for 2 children per family…that NOW is too small to pay the HUGE BABY BOOMERS (WW2 babies that were pushed to resupply the loss of humans killed in the war….STOP THE WAR…continuous since WW1/1915) . i too am 75 yrs old…if youu go to Europe, there are no MEN my age…all killed in war…of which made the US RICH.

Matthew Thompson says:

nice bro how you get into crypto?

NPC# 1553 says:

Ur setup is sick!

no name p.h says:

people fuck you all u are stupid

Kim Wallace says:

You think social security that I paid into for 40 years is a freebee…. fuck off

GMac5409 says:

If Congress had not constantly "raided" the so-called Social Security (retirement) funding and adding more "benefits" to get themselves re-elected, it would likely not be insolvent. They kept expanding the program, with benefits frequently going to those who had not contributed much to it in the first place. Didn't have to be that way…another example of government incompetence.

cristy cris says:


jthadcast says:

greenspan tells the truth … my ass.

mm ix says:

How could arguably the most prominent financial guru of capitalism have absolutely no control over it's failures? It's like, "wait . . . weren't you supposed to stop this?"

Max Angeles says:

Greenspan was a lying SOB in the past!!! What makes him so credibilty now? NOthing!! Zero!!! He is still a lying SOB!! nothing has changed about him.

Erik Swanson says:

What is your analysis that tells you that the republicans will win the midterms?

Ferny says:

great insight

Sifu Wing says:

Like when you play a video and commenting on important things they say

Francisco bandarra says:

Great video, right on. People get ready.

XQ Gaming says:

Its daylight, are you oke? Great videos 🙂

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