Stock Market CRASH as Deflation Begins! China Blamed for Panic Selloff!

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“Dow Plunges 531 Points in Global Selloff – WSJ”
“World’s Richest People Lose $182 Billion as Market Rout Deepens – Bloomberg Business”
“Apple dumps $158B, enters bear market”
“Apple enters bear territory; tech stocks crushed”
“Signs of panic-like selling could be a short-term positive for the Dow industrials – MarketWatch”
“Global Stocks Fall Further on China Worries – WSJ”
“These Charts Show How Hard China Has Hit Global Markets – Bloomberg Business”
“Oil suffers longest weekly losing streak since 1986 – MarketWatch”
“My Way News – Sinking currencies point to jitters about emerging economies”–world_economy-currency_chaos-769b39e5a5.html
“Dow 5,000? Yes, it could happen – MarketWatch”


roylikesitlikethat says:

Sadly PBOC, followed the Federal Reserve tactic of injecting money in a panic market. Flooding easy money is like band aid approach, it will find its way quickly in investment in stock market in these risky times! The money could be used to save real jobs, those that need efficiency or to cut costs like upgrades. 

Ahuitzol Rosas Mendoza says:

That is shy i am buying more physical silver i think Silver will go to 57 dollars , some people say that by 2020 , silver is gonna be 1000 dollars an oz , i do not know, do u really think silver may reach 1000

Frank Black says:

When Jim Cramer tell his audience to sell everything, that will be the bottom of the market. That is what happened in 2009 when he gave a sell signal when the S&P hit 666. That was the exact bottom of the market. The FED will be forced to devalue the dollar in an attempt to stimulate exports and the economy since there is no room to lower interest rates.

F Terry says:

Good presentation

Warren Whelan says:

Love your work!

Salah Sharata says:

Thank you… It is people and experts like you who give this world a hope even in periods of Shemitah etc

Iris Chong says:

Thank you for the information take care Blessing

Juanita Brown says:

Can I move a little
Jewish Feast of Trumpet – Blood Moon date. 😄

Juanita Brown says:

How sweet , count down Sept 12-28 😅

Foxy MaryJane says:

The world needs to be as one otherwise your pissing and shitting in your own drinking water

blac2black says:

The market is has made gains, no crash.

linuxer777 says:

Thanks a lot man!

Helen Wilson says:

How can a stock market crash affect someone who doesn't own stocks or debt?

SpockMcoy Issmart says:

I think there are people publicly say, 'hang in there, things will be fine." …. in the mean time they are scheming behind the scenes to save their own butts at your expense………

Secretsofsociety says:

Its called a bear market its what happens when a bubble burst.

MrBeardo says:

China will rise again before the years end, likely October, but buy then it's stocks will be owned by majority umbrella stakeholders who knew this would happen. It's a takeover by design.

scretching08 says:

Good job!

Brian The Punter says:

China has massive gold stores and amassed a 27 trillion in debt when they could easily pay down that debt.. China devalues it currency and it's not the first time they have done so.  This entire episode was designed to cause America's market to crash to end America's world currency status, then China moves in as the world currency, very simple. Don't listen to the punters who say our economies aren't connected since the ripples caused by China's devaluation caused everything happening right now.

cows mutilation says:

One step forward and two steps back.

Frank Lennon says:

Thank you so  much. This is the kind of clear information which the public needs. For far too many the "markets" seem akin to mysterious religious cults, immersed in their own strange language and frenetically buzzing around seeking to gain an edge over the competition from within their like kind, while at the same time remaining utterly oblivious to whatever negative and oft times devastating effect, their actions may be likely to cause, in the lives of ordinary citizens, around the world. Profit is King and the King can be a cold hearted killer, when he psychopathically ignores the welfare of his fellow man. Your book looks interesting. Will take an in depth look, in due course. It's a thumbs up from me for this presentation. Cheers. On Twitter as:@DisparatePost

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