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Michael Pento forecasts a stock market crash and beginning of a recession by the end of the year or early next year. The inversion of the yield curve (when short-term interest rates yield more than longer-term rates) has correctly predicted the last seven recessions going back to the late 1960’s. Pento says this kind of inversion is happening now. But with interest rates still extremely low, the Fed will have few options but to balloon the money supply. Inflation hear we come!


TruEntertainment Tv says:

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Peters Right but, says:

I'm saving this video to send to you on jan.1 2018..

glennwih says:

Silver will drop but will be good afterwards, timing is everything.

Top Hatt Gaming says:

"Hear" we come?

Michael Alpine says:

What's to stop Janet Whore Yellen from just printing more money and buying the stock market til the cows come home?  Facts don't matter anymore. The Whore can just buy the whole stock market.

ewmism says:

Pento is the Man !

Conscious Being says:

Betting on the ignorance and stupidity of Central Banks won't get you anywhere, because they are neither ignorant nor stupid.

The Fed sending out money to people is not going to happen, since the law establishing the Fed doesn't allow that. What is, however, going to happen is the Treasury creating fictitious high value assets and "selling" them to the Fed to generate the money needed to fund deficits. So government deficits will balloon, as Michael Pento correctly predicts, but the government debt won't increase. Since these assets will be fictitious, there will be no limit on how much money the treasury can generate in this fashion and that is what will cause high inflation/hyperinflation and the collapse of the US$.

ib12541 says:

why do these "experts" keep sticking their necks in the guillotine?

robert sinclair says:

they are inflating there way out

John gatti says:

Another guy who has been wrong since the day I heard of him.

Rapunzel says:

I like Michael and I agree our economy is in a bad shape. But he is betting against the money changers. They let the market crash when they want it. So I don't check on charts anymore.

Kevin Blood says:

If they call the collapse enough it will happen eventually.

James Frushon says:

Mike , what are you doing with these fags AND THEIR FRIENDS?

WK nfriends says:

You know, I have to wonder if another reason the Banksters are in trouble, are all the Home loans, by ppl who could no longer afford the home, I personally know two families who had to move out and let their home go back to the Bank, in both cases the Bank could have sold the homes, but they did not want to drop/lower the asking price. What happened to these two families I know, took out one or even two extra loans on the homes to remodel,etc. Back when the pay was good and inflation was not high as it is today. Both were working Adults with good jobs, each had one spouse who was laid off from said good job, for a period of six months, in the last two years, when things were getting harder and harder for them. Luckily they eventually regained their employment, but too little too late. Do you know of any one that has had the same fate? You have to wonder how many Homes have been foreclosed on again.

Joeking haha says:

He's wrong….. Last week of Sept to first week of Oct….that's my prediction.

Paul Petersen says:

Having been blessed with common sense, I can appreciate logic.. However, it will not surprise me the criminal bankster manipulation increases and melt ups in equities and housing and sell offs in pm continues… They obviously are wearing us all down and maybe reality does make an appearance and true price discovery is freed this year..but I am getting weary. What a game to create money out of thin air unless abused becomes a house of cards…WHEN DO THEY GO TO JAIL???

Derelect5 says:

You are directly extrapolating the past onto the present.History does not repeat. It rhymes always respecting the unique properties of the times. Digital control systems backed by unconstrained digital currency units are not subject to price discovery. Investor types don't have the technical chops to appreciate the power of digital control. The stock market will continue up into perpetuity but the fiat price of the Crytocurrencies will make the 50K Dow look like chump change as hyperinflation sets in. The cryptos will revalue the fake markets via their skyrocketing fiat price even as the fake markets go higher. This is how a market crash must manifest in an age of legalized digital market fraud. Expect the fake markets to continue higher and the metals suppression to continue for several more years. The cryptos are going to the moon.

Files Shared says:

He was on Greg hunter late last year saying the market will sell off after the new year due to tax purposes!

Maxwell Smart says:

More psychobabble. Just tell us who. It's the jews, stupid. Solutions begin and end with the removal of the jew.

redtroika says:

Interest rates must be raised , the higher the better. Demand higher interest rates.

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