Stock Market Crash Coming 2018?

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Today we discuss a possible Stock Market Crash in 2018!
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Financial Education says:

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Mark Mackover says:

closing in big numbers are ….   sams club , jcpenny , kmart , many more wallmarts as well as many more ! malls are closing up too the real unemployment rate is 12- 19 % trump is a good sales man but the truth is real !   have you ever went to your bank and tried to with draw $5,000 it like pulling teeth and only give out $20s here in florida

3082103 says:

he's actually very good-looking lol

Terence Ram says:

Don't try to time the market. aside from that advice. I anticipate a crash under trump presidency. hell, if you look at the markets when ever a republican is in power, you will see a recession in the first term.

Edward Elk says:

Not sure about the crash but i just made 264% profit from POTN to day.

Frednenenk says:



...And Jam Tracks For All says:

Forgive me if you correct this later in the video, I'm only 3 minutes in, but you say the S&P 500 forward p/e is 23… by my calculations based on 2018 consensus earnings estimates its only about 18.6. $2837/$152.42 = 18.6

Rex II ForSure says:

The news seems great like Caterpillar just announce great earnings but the market is only Dow up by 166. Wonder why

Jason Brown says:

Regarding JP Morgan … Flavour Flav said it best "Don't believe the hype!".  BTW JPM is my single largest position of any stock. It's almost doubled. The party is going on with all the banks including the All the Canadian ones ( RY,BMO,CIBC,TD) with solid growth and great dividends.  Thanks for posting the videos.  Oil, Gold, Silver and Iron Ore winners in 2018!

smokeya2 says:

If you think the unemployment rate is really below 5% you are dellusional. Market crash is coming soon!

Steve Grayson says:

Nope … not yet. We are just getting started .. S&P will be up over 25% in 2018.

radian111 says:

Everyone is an expert on the way up

Nick Eckemoff says:

Technical analysis doesn't help predict the future. People buy and sell on emotion, not numbers.

michele bussan says:

Housing is way to high, believe the housing will crash!

hayabusa sun says:

This kind of speculations come out every year. Just search on YouTube.

Brian Radcliffe says:

Rubbish. What is this guy on! No bubble in the stock market ? Really..hahahahaha. next.


This video is full of shit

Wolfman Sachs says:

Hey, Jer, what's your thoughts on precious metals? I'm just getting into the market. Got really into gold and silver last year upon starting my career. Thinking if we should see another recession and a rise in metals, it would be a great time to sell and buy into the market. Back in 2008 while I was fresh out of high school and broke, a lot of my favorite companies stocks went on sale.

Blue Shadow says:

I’m sitting here waiting for it to crash so I can buy low

Greiguci Wootchie says:

Who are you? Why would I listen to a nobody about anything?

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