Stock market crash DELAYED due to GOP tax reform

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Analysis: The GOP tax reform will DELAY the stock market crash that was otherwise imminent. The Health Ranger explains why.

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Lee Johnson says:

The Stock Market has been soaring since Donald Trump was Elected President. The Donald Trump Stock Market Bubble will burst, soon.

Toy Fan says:

I totally agree with you

IBO says:

there is no way the stock market would go on for years because of this tax plan. most of the money coming back will be used to buy back companies stocks just making the bubble bigger. i say we got another 6 months too 1 or 2 years more from this tax plan not 8 plus that's just silly. also all this usa dollars running back into the America from this tax plan & that other countries like China & Russia are dumping will make inflation go much higher. your everyday person with a low income is gonna feel pain.

Files Shared says:

Delayed but not for years. Why is trump delaying and taking credit for the bubble?

richard westwell says:

The corporations will use the money to buy back more of their own stocks and give the top people bigger bonuses. Expanding their business, more R&D, more jobs, well it's a nice thought. We will have to wait and see what happens.

DK Knight says:

They need to make the other half of that tax break. Govt downsizing. Nobody should be paying more than 5-10% of their earnings to the govt.

courtney walker says:

Wrong wrong recession coming

Rori Lenzini says:

Is it true I heard that all romain lettuce including organic is tampered with?

Tom Trefz says:

No crash for 3 more years Dow 40K first

heymisterderp says:

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions totally betrayed us on cannabis. Trump Trump Trump! Make America Great Again! ???

Richard Garnache says:

Calling for a crash 1000 times in a row and being right once = being wrong 999 times out of 1000 ….

ALPHA Fitter says:

The longer it’s put off the bigger it will be. Don’t stop preparing but don’t live you’re life fearing the unknowns.

Ilhan H says:

I dunno about that mike… for sure it will pump up the stock market higher but i don't think the crash will delay for another 10 years no way

Stefan says:

This reads like one of those "prophets" that gets the prophesy date wrong and then claims "ALIENS CAME AT THE LAST MINUTE AND SAVED US"

Curt's Clocks says:

Haha! The corporations tax voodoo is actually just following the complex rules that average Joe hasn't figured out. The voodoo is the stuff corporations do that is against the rules.

Dave Dacus says:

If cash in form of profits comes back into US and creates more jobs, then it would amount to increase in circulation of currency, which would increase inflation. The whole goal of the US monetary system is to achieve growth by deflation since all the QEs, because the Fed is out of dry powder to resist recessionary forces, having kept interest rates near zero for so long. Trump is fighting globalization by bringing dollars back home through tax reform, but the debt based system (based on fiat currency) means at this point that those measures are counterproductive as long as the debt remains and is monetized. It's too little too late. The debt must be defaulted on and the currency reigned in to sound money evaluation, which would never be willingly embraced because of the magnitude of loss in savings.

Ty Nation says:


TheBase1aransas says:

Get OUT of USD. All these $ coming home is going to light a fire.

michael pitbull says:

Wow you reported something positive 😀

GodMode says:

Tomorrow or sometime in the future. Great prediction!

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