Stock Market Crash Enters FreeFall – Economic Collapse News 2018

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economic collapse news. The stock market has just entered freefall. The stock market crash of 2018 is getting alarming as Wells Fargo has just collapsed over 9%. We may look back on the Wells Fargo leman brothers moment. The Dow fell 669 points Friday and has now as of this video fallen 426 more points these are serious numbers but what caused the stock market correction 2018…


George's Channel says:

Want to see what is happening behind the scenes in the financial markets? This info will WAKE you up in a hurry… MUST VIEW NOW… &

1988scottcarey says:

The Terrorists should have flew the plane into the FED save us all the agony..

Somto Moses says:

Something is going on. IG index will not let you shot the market today, they will ask you to phone them first.

Juan Carrillo says:

The Trump and Fox News Bull Shi!$ Bubble plus their unregulated greed grab of public funds agenda is as worthless as the their fake news propaganda campaign. What a buncha bandit losers! Buncha jaw flapping morons your days of BS has come and we’re all paying for

Juan Carrillo says:

You sound like a F… Fox News Reporter

Susan Lauper says:

these rich creeps like Soros tried everything and all of it failed… now this.. I truly hope it will fail too

Eric Mcvey says:

At this point I don't think ANYTHING SURVIVES. Silver had nosed dived, lower again today. Even when the market is crashing, silver sold off. The manipulators will always win, the 1% ers will always win, while the avg joe loses. I am just so frustrated. I have averaged down for a year now. About $17.75 avg. and I DONT FEEL SURE ABOUT IT. Everytime I buy more it drops. I'm about to give up.

Tae Turner says:

We just need a new Government… A real government… I fought for this country, like many have…and can't stand how our leaders operate. Very few actually know what a tough life is.. USA along with many others..have never been great, to our people. We feed other countries that hate us… We give billions of money to other countries, and our country isn't even independent yet… I don't understand how its gone this far… Maybe people should get off social media… Eitherway… We need a major downfall, and a new leadership… That actually cares for our society, nature, planet, and future. Money is what so many people care about… So sad. I live on solar, water catchment, 3 gardens, 2 greenhouses, fish for what I need. How many in USA can actually say they are independent?! Or do they need microwaves… City power… Water… Fast foods… Gasoline… Etc.. When things fall…youll see how dependable you are on others. I truly hope WE as USAs community, can wake up our government… Or fight to make a real one. We still have people starving in streets…its just not talked about. Kinda 😔 sad..

to501453 says:

Maybe best option is small promising biotech?

d jack says:

time to find gold…….get a gold claim and learn how to work it

Free Thinker says:

Inflation is getting out of control. Middle class to even begin to live the American dream, family of 4 needs 300K a year.
Grocery, gas, daily expenses are out of control. This will end badly. America is to big to only be rich and poor. We need a strong middle class and upper middle class. This will implode.

teddybruscie says:

I've been saying that stocks are not for the Average Joe. The Average Joe had no business in the casino. If you want to improve your situation the best investment you can have is skills.

YOU ARE POOR. If you want to not be poor or get more money the only sure fire and productive way to improve your lot is to go back to school and get a new skill. I'm not saying spend 50k in student loan debt no. But instead of spending $500 of your savings in the stock market to gain $85 on a hunch, spend that $500 getting a trade or something. Even if you don't end up using it, you've literally gained more value to yourself and your life than spending that $500 on the stock market. You're better off spending that $5k on a start up. Hell you're even better off spending that $10k on an awesome weekend in Vegas on hard drugs, liqour and hookers. You might remember that weekend but you added more value to your life than wasting it in the stockmarket as an Average Joe that don't know what the fuck he's doing.

groundtraveler28 says:

It should, in an economy like this. Quite an Irony, as the rich get richer & the poor get poorer.

DumpTheDollar DOT com says:

WAKE UP… WHAT DO YOU GET, if you cross two websites like BULLIONVAULT ? com and PAYPAL ? com ?

Well, I will let you all work it out what you get in REALITY.

Young Professional says:

at the supermarket yesterday, coffee $10.99 a bag. $4.99 in the tin can

Evelio Varela says:

This is nothing . We still got a while till shiit gets real

Ken Locke,@ says:

The deep state funded by illegal money (federal reserve) are going to beat all this imaginary wealth from the Americans for voting for Trump!! If Trump gets us off Fed notes we'll be fine.. But they want Trump out of office!! He must undo all the corruption that most presidents have done before him!!

david williams says:

the bubble is yet to inflate to huge amount.Just a correction off , the , 9 trillion rise.

david williams says:

time for a correction.All values will rise as economy and profits rise dramatically under Trump expansion.

Allan Deus says:

Canadian weed stocks are the place to be in 2018. Anyone following yesterday’s senate hearing will agree!Best valued company is Sunniva, entering the Californian and Canadian market.Thank me later

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