Stock Market Crash – Flash Crash May 6, 2010

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Audio from the S&P 500 futures pit at the CME during the “flash crash” of 2010. The May 6, 2010 Flash Crash also known as The Crash of 2:45, the 2010 Flash Crash or just simply, the Flash Crash, was a United States stock market crash on May 6, 2010 in which the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged about 900 points—or about nine percent—only to recover those losses within minutes. It was the second largest point swing, 1,010.14 points, and the biggest one-day point decline, 998.5 points, on an intraday basis in Dow Jones Industrial Average history. On May 6, US stock markets opened down and trended down most of the day on worries about the debt crisis in Greece. At 2:42 pm, with the Dow Jones down more than 300 points for the day, the equity market began to fall rapidly, dropping more than 600 points in 5 minutes for an almost 1000 point loss on the day by 2:47 pm. Twenty minutes later, by 3:07 pm, the market had regained most of the 600 point drop.


Diego Marcio says:

why speaks all quotes… a bit boring… looks like hearing a football match from radio…

CzechRiot says:

That's like a mix of a finals game of soccer with public slaughtering of children being narrated at once by a guy inside a burning zeppelin.

TierraTsunami says:

That's the sound of a shitload of shorters getting rich after a bear nosedived off red candlesticks

wjatube says:

I had to walkaway out of fear and I was short.  Amazing moment.  Glad I wasn't listening to this squawk box I would have thought we were being invaded by aliens or something.

Def1led x says:


tocarco says:

Can someone pls tell me what kind of chart/charting formation is in the video? Is it time or point based? Thnx!

Bryleefy says:

And most of the public believes that it was that cunt from britain who speculated this. Geeez. 

10thnametried says:

Everyone can thank Navinder Singh Sarao

Jack Liu says:

I am hearing a man with a throat cancer?? lol

Senator .SmellyPants says:

Do I hear a dollar?!


Do I hear 50 cents?!


Do I hear a nickle?!


One nickle ladies and gentlemen.  One nickle going once… going twice… SOLD!
Congratulations sir, you are the new owner of an economy circling the toilet!

Klipsch440 says:

Sometimes market stays more irrational than liquidity of your account 

Kenny Dominic says:

DOW this day was almost like from the movie "fun with dick and jane" when jim carrey talks on tv and the stock of his firm collapses in the background in a ridiculous speed:P

TheUtada1983 says:


Oh wait it's not a football match. says:

Nice momentum 🙂
What slightly bothers me is that 'market overload' when you get delayed quotes on falling market while it is already making correction ….

Oliver Miller says:

Oh man this video is priceless. I can't stop laughing!



Luke Oberrieder says:

I've never been so intrigued listening to something I don't understand.

eugene d'alessio says:

Sounds like a horse race

JPV91 says:

Margin call manipulation, as soon as it looks like it will bounce, it flash crashes.

drifterted says:

1st quarter 2015?  Nah…  They will halt trading for the day at that point.  It'll all just vaporize the following morning when it happens again and all you retailers are wiped out while the big boys are allowed to sell off!

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