Stock Market Crash & Gold Update – April 10, 2019

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Acala Dharmapala says:

Thank you for great update and great thoughts!

Barbapapa says:

or, gold and stocks both rise due to loss of confidence in paper money.

T T says:

DJ doing well again today ?

Three Shields says:

Don't expect rational markets in a controlled economy. Rationality has been penalized and practically outlawed, for the time being.

Souper Genius says:

The market is telling you: if you short you will lose and if you go long you will lose. Bottom line you will lose.

The only winning strategy is not to play.

robert shuman says:

War,is a bitch

Rosen Georgiev says:

i see two weak points here:
1) TA on chart that is a ratio (derivative) of two different assets cant be a tool with equal weigh as TA over an asset itself, it can be just a side-note
2) Triangle in TA(and a trendline per self) should be defined by at least two points on each side – here for the green triangle we dont have a second point uppers side
(unless considering horizontal line coming from 10 Y ago… but the the green triangle in that case will cover 10 Y….

Cayman Farley says:

I'm pretty sure you've tried looking at the Bitcoin chart. The 2014 boom and downtrend is looking awfully similar to the most recent one we've had. If there's anything i've learned from you is analyzing fundamentals can tell you a much bigger story than what meets the eye.

Tibor Sarkozi says:

We will see tomorrow Jp morgan the big silver manipulator earmings

Marc Bailey says:

I like your rational analysis Christopher. We all need to remember that algos trade on technicals and they drive the markets. So they could keep this crazy stock market going up! Hard to imagine…

Roger Atkinson says:

Chris you have saying gold has a long way to drop to be in a balanced relationship with miners – maybe another $100 or more. Is this still the case or are you saying that this may not happen and that gold could now go topside instead?

Ideal kitchens & interiors says:

Pullback first imo

holographicbreathin says:

Thanks Chris, Could you do something on uranium ?

MrUncleHermit says:

So do you not think stocks are already in an irrational phase? The rise over the past 20 years has been almost vertical compared to the previous 50 years. I think early 2016 and late 2018 were a taster of what's to come. Psychologically speaking the rapid rises in gold during those two periods will not have gone unnoticed. The big money knows that they can make a killing if they cycle into gold at the right moment, but the increasing volatility of the 16 and 18 moves would suggest that the next move is going to be huge and painful for stock holders. My own view is that we may get a small parabolic move in stocks but it will be a fake out so I wouldn't be trading it.

Jimo225 says:

trimp making america rich again. why would anyone want obama or hillary or black biden when we can be rich again

Jimo225 says:

maybe its the trump bump

Oren Elbaz says:

I can see the stock market going parabolic and having a blow-off top. Sure, why not? But that would mean we are entering an inflationary environment, in which gold is supposed to rise as well. The only scenario in which stocks rise and gold stays pat is either a strong growth and prosperity period (not likely…), or that central banks manage to inflate the money supply and yet keep it contained to assets such as stocks, without any of it leaking to the broad economy, the way have managed to do since 2008.
Possible? I guess so. Likely?…

peter von bank says:

Markets can stay irrational longer than you may think. I would say if you want to know when the stock market will fall, then watch the bond market. Should be also noted a yield curve inversion has officially happened. I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a blow off the top in the stock market before it comes down. And come down it will eventually, and it will be ugly! I give it 1 more year at most, but who knows!

brad says:

well beyond being "irrational". it is rigged beyond belief. every asset class is gamed. i wish there were more people that would discuss the real conspiracies that will level our once great republic.

MFB says:

There's nothing organic about the stock market trend the last years unless you call massive manipulation without any price discovery organic. You have to know how to guess what the manipulators are doing.

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