Stock Market Crash: How to Trade Safe & SMART!

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The stock market crash is creating some crazy volatility. So how can you trade through it? Here’s what you need to know to approach the market INTELLIGENTLY.

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Here I am in LA … I’m just hanging out and watching the greatest stock market crash of our lifetime.

How’s the crash going for you? Are you getting pounded? Or are you thriving like me and some of my students who are killing it in this insanely volatile market?*

Here’s what everyone wants to know: how do you profit during a stock market crash?

The short answer: stay liquid and stay nimble.

But it’s a little more involved than that. One thing people need to STOP doing is thinking “this is the bottom!” Over and over in situations like this, people invent some imaginary support level. They try to predict. Then they act surprised when the market blows right through it over and over.

Sorry, but the stock market doesn’t care about you. You’re not special. You won’t know the bottom — ever. But that’s OK. You don’t need to. There are still opportunities.

Yes, there are a ton of dip-buying opportunities during an insane crash like this. But to double or triple down because you think we’ve hit the bottom? Big mistake.

Watch the video to find out how I’m trading through the crash…

I’ll walk you through my recent trade on a coronavirus play that made me $3,000.* The company might not be legit … but it followed one of my favorite patterns. And I earned profits even while the market was crashing.

So there are opportunities. But you gotta be prepared. And sometimes you gotta know why the best trade is no trade.

Learn why a market crash means that you’ve got to work with a totally irrational market … Remember, it can stay unstable for much longer than you might think.

Leave a comment … Is the market slaying you or are you making solid trades? How are you staying safe? What did you get out of this video? Tell me how it’s going for you!

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Timothy Sykes says:

Leave a comment … Is the market slaying you or are you making solid trades? How are you staying safe? What did you get out of this video? Tell me how it’s going for you!

KolanTola says:

3RD Video down, thanks Tim!

A Gray says:

This is very real. The market right now is CRA CRA…I’m not making thousands yet, still small gains, small losses, then I make it right back and break even🙄…..Looking for some consistency on the green side 🙂 so my balance goes up, up, up. Having lots of time this weekend to dig in and watch patterns, charts, and live recorded trades, reviewing my spreadsheet, being a trade nerd amidst my other endeavors. My plate is full but I’m learning a lot and staying focused because when all this CV mess clears I think super great opportunities will abound. Thanks for these tips, love your gorgeous home, hope you and your fam are practicing safety and well being. Ciao !

ihatewhatisaw says:

studying, thanks coach, stay liquid, stay nimble,another video lesson done! #2 of the day

Adam Mcgrath says:

I love this time. Started trading a year ago and I've never seen so many opportunities. There are some ill be looking into to load up on. I'm swinging MEDS and APT right now. Also long calls for HAL OAS SLB UBER and a few larger caps

soundbreak7 says:

how do you find these corona virus stocks

Stewart Carmack says:

How can a poor man get in on this.
I only have 600 in an account and that's all. Can u make a program for us

roman karpenko says:

Did you bought Bo Jack house?

Jim Nichols says:

I'm getting walloped. Some good lessons from all of this. : )

JJ Malvarez says:

Great Lesson. Definitely staying liquid and stay nimble is the key. Thank you, Master Sykes

Naisha Abrams says:

Man this guy seems like he knows his shit. But his sales rep was so snobby' turned me off. Oh well!🤷🏽‍♀️ 200 down the drain. Guess I'll just what all his videos, read and learn on my own. Still a Tim Sykes fan tho.


What ways to you suggest for a 16 y/o to get in to the market (what programs, startup money, low risk stocks) ?

dood poop says:

Anyone suspect who has the hot OTC for N95 masks on 3/20/2020?.. if it exists

Dantriel Malone says:

Can someone tell me the best app to trade or invest on..(besides Robinhood)..I’m really trying to get up there

Electricblaze says:

Im so glad I found you. My friend at work downloaded robbinhood (yes i know its the worst app to trade with) and told me if I download it we both get a 5 dollar stock and then because of that I got recommendations of you and your videos and I found you because of him. I applied to your challenge and am serious about wanting to learn the stock market especially in a time like this where it's a great opportunity to learn. I just don't have enough time because of my job hopefully I can set some time aside to learn this stuff because it interests me a lot. Thanks for the video tim and stay safe! 👍🏻

Heavenly Knights says:

I am learning that's for sure but I am getting burned! I am lucky to be able to see how the whole system works can't wait to finish the challenge training and enroll

Dan Nguyen says:

Dude FGD OTC pays all the time you chat and lessons are always useful and it helps keep from getting crushed in the market keep the lessons coming man I wish I could be part of your challenge right now but I’m learning everything for your lessons and also other students in profitly I do get your alerts and will continue to be on of your students! You have lots of great students that love to help one another and that is a great thing to be a part of

Jembot Malong says:

How do you find that? There are thousands of stocks

Wolfrum Financial says:

I messed up on rule number 1 and lost 500 dollars a week ago on my small account of 1200. Sadly but ive been practicing cutting loses quick since. I have a question do you think I should pull my money and wait and go with a start position of about 3000 dollars ?

Priscy Arthur says:

Tim I do not trade penny stock.but I always listen to you an watch your videos.
You have a deep understanding of the stock market which is applicable to all trades.more like wisdom for trading.

Best one “cut your losses quickly, there will always be something good to make the loss back”

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