STOCK MARKET CRASH INDICATOR: Ignore The 2-10 Spread! Focus On The 10-30. By Gregory Mannarino

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Gary Shields says:

My apologies again. At 50 million policies times 10,000 each is 5.E11.

Gary Shields says:

Selling not seeking. My apologies.

Gary Shields says:

There's no liquidity in insurance. There is no possibility of seeking more policies without a major birth rate explosion. All the Life insurance that can be sold had been sold.All the car insurance that can be sold had been sold. Over the next 10 years, 50 million people will attempt to cash in their policies. At one dollar a piece, that 50 million. At 1000 each that's 50,000,000. At 10,000 each(safe bet but probably 20) that's…

The Wise One says:

What is the difference between "the coming recession" and "a full-blown collapse of the American Empire"? Those living in tent cities and out of their cars might ask: "What coming recession, isn't it already here?" Many are already living the nightmare, the collapse of life as they knew it, and it seems that many more will join them. We have an idea of what a recession looks like, but what would a collapse look like in comparison?

Robert Moran says:

I know this sounds nuts, but Trump is a turncoat. He is a member of the cabal of scum. Yesterday's selection for the court was proof. Some are saying Trump is being blackmailed. I'm not. Trump is scum. Trump is going to crash everything and turn America into Israel's bitch. Since they are responsible for 911, September may be interesting. Buy gold. Get your money out of US paper. It is worthless. Americans have been betrayed.

August Reigns says:

i've never once heard you say a cheerful thing.

VeXeR ShObOx says:

Some mysterious entity got in here and shot the Dow up over 80 points in 15 minutes. BUT OUR MARKETS AREN'T FAKE GUYS!!!

SanktGallus says:

When will you marry Steve Liesmann?

Marek Kolenda says:

Protection team not gone be active until stocks not gets – 300 points.

Thracian says:

Does anybody know how the BND holdings are allocated? I can't find any info on this. Is it more heavily weighted towards the 10 or 30 year bonds?

Gregory Mannarino says:

Need MORE proof that the world economy is going nowhere? COPPER settles at a 1-year low. Copper is used in construction, power generation and transmission, electronic product manufacturing, industrial machinery, transportation vehicles, plumbing, appliances, heating and cooling systems, telecommunications. MORE.

Vincento says:

It’s coming…just holding patiently..Forget CNBC.

Ty Rou says:

If Trump doesn't go for 2020 then worry. I believe that as long he's in power we will be OK keep things on the DL I

Thracian says:

"BTFD" Manny seemed pissed this morning, but I'm glad I finally got an answer to a question I'd been asking for a very long time about why 10/30 vs 2/10. Thanks.

WK nfriends says:

Rip it Greg, I will be cheering you all on! Yee Ha! Gotta love it!!

Marc Duchamp says:

Stocks are going higher for sure. Temporary retracement to the breakout point

James Collins says:

Thanks Greg

who is making the claim? says:

steve lies man?

barjrob says:

Bloomberg Television is all over the bonds, spread and money moving into junk bonds. Watching it on Pluto TV.

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