Stock Market Crash just getting started

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Dow down 1000 points on the week… it safe to buy yet?
What should we expect next?


bluehorse888 says:

What is your opinion on the miners after a possible crash? They're already 80+% off their highs, how much lower could they possibly go???

relicsngold says:

Hopefully it does go far lower but we won't know until the Asian markets open on Sunday to see if there's still momentum. I made an absolute killing last time and I'm ready to go on a buying spree again.
I'm also a big advocate of physical gold and silver.

Michael Novak says:

would apple be good to buy once it crashes? kinda of like ford motor company as a kid went down to 5 dollars a share. wish I invested my money than lol

Chloe J says:

T.R.U.M.P 2016

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