Stock Market Crash March 2020 – The Best Thing To Do Right Now

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Stock Market Crash March 2020 – The Best Thing To Do Right Now:

Chairman Powell came out Sunday with a surprise announcement that in an effort to help the collapsing markets, the Fed would be cutting interest rates to 0-0.25%. In addition, he said the Fed has decided to fire up the money printing presses and resume some version of Quantitative Easing. But it didn’t help, and on Monday, we saw the stock market crash down 13%.

In this edition of “Coffee With Markus” we’re going to discuss:
– When will we see a bottom?
– Is this a buying opportunity?
– Should I bet on a falling market and buy puts now?
– What’s the best market to trade right now: stocks, options, futures, …?
– Should I buy Gold?
– Or should I just be in cash?
– What should I do if my portfolio got crushed?

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Douglas Luna says:

I love your explanations!

William Ashley says:

Gold is probably down because industrial demand is down, the actual uses of gold, I would guess, but if mines close production will drop and supply will fall raising prices. You hold gold because it is an in demand commodity with finite supply, if demand drops so does its value. As for real estate wouldn't it be damn early in on that considering a market crash, would lead to eventual defaults foreclosures and flipping at lower value and collapse of market value for release estate, people selling to move due to loss of jobs etc.. that is banking on a quick return, not sure sure why you'd hedge on a quick return when everything is saying this will be long enough to require either more stimulus funding basically this is as long as it take for everyone to get sick safely or for a vaccine to be rolled out, that is looking like months and months from now. You think people would hedge on medical testing labs, that are workin gon vaccine canidates, mask companies, food delivery companies, logistics supply, automated ai driving, medical testing companies etc… also automated agriculture, if there is a loss of farm labour you are going to need to automate more. And domestic drone production, if people don't want a trade deficit for all made in china 2025 tech prouducts either there or insure it is built on this side of the pond. Amazon is leveraging for supplying domestic needs products, this would be a good time for drone rollout wihtout airplanes in the sky… companies like amazon have a chance to really proove their worth in this type of situation. Air filtration selling well right now also. But this is the PANIC phase, there should be some sort of realization normlization of the new status quo within the next few weeks as emergency measures are assessed and locked in as needed. Right now it is a national and global emergency, lots of volatility. I think Mr. Rotheschild would be playing this for big wins, by knowing who the winner of hte battle was. You can surf the market or you can see where the wave is going. The legislation is what is driving the market, not the virus. If we ignored the virus it would probably have less of an effect than responding to it. People would die younger but a 2% loss of population might equate a 2% drop in the economy rather than 50%. The volitility is because it is here and now, there is no definiate statement coming out how long or under what conditions must exist for the measures to be lifted. Countries see 1 person die and go into lockdown, more people die and get maimed in car accidents, you don't ban all cars because car accidents exist. Isolate the elderly and infirm not people who can defend against the illness. Why would you isolate those at risk with the carriers. Yeah chinese model apprently worked really? Makes no sense why people not at risk are being isolated. You think they'd just quarentine everyone over 50. Have managers work via telecommute, send the young out to do work, it makes so sense why the population not at risk and are carriers are under the same regime as the population most at risk. keep the old in their homes give PPE the partially likely and the youth… kids are getting ill at less than 1 in 100, with controlled dosages they will be even less effected by direct viral contact at very small doses. The whole strategy to slam on the breaks can have massive secondary effects. Especialyl with no public game plan. I think the public health plan has already been laid out by the WHO and they are back channel implementing but why the chaos, why the invisiblity.

Tyler says:

amazing content keep up the good content

Tyler says:

nice video keep up the good content

Udit sharma says:

Hi Markus,
Is most of the world stock market depends on the USA stock market???

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