Stock Market Crash – My Stock Market Predictions for 2019 and Next Decade

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Stock Market Crash – My Stock Market Predictions for 2019 and Next Decade – I don’t think it will look like most expect it will look like!!! 3 scenarios describe what might happen! The key is that we are ready!

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kevinl20082008 says:

The very moment you say "my prediction" you somewhat lose your creditability. No one can predict like you mentioned, if one invest based on predictions than you have already lost.

taegukgi78 says:

buffet will be greedy next recession

Anton Lupica Bauso says:

The next 100 years there will be a crash!
You know that I am right 😉

m4758406 says:

yesterday me bought ryanair and voestalpine cause i think they are cheap 🙂
ryanair at 9,08 euro
voestalpine at 20,5 euro
insider which bought voestalpine too

Rada Ranis says:

you are fantastically oblivious to the US – China trade war. Things are changing radically. This is not business as usual. What we have is no less than the battle for the world economic hegemony. This economic war will be won by China and other emerging markets.

SanktGallus says:

Less yield on 30 year than two months!!! Sven, where are the profitable silver mining dividend longterm stocks?

RIchard B says:

Thanks Sven. In 10-20 years time I will be sitting here, in 3D, celebrating “Global President Ivanka Trump Day” watching a Botox, chemically enhanced hologram of Sven, via my YouTube implant, whilst he explains how crypto cannabis is unlikely to grow on the planet Musk.
Not true? That’s the fun of the future, it’s uncertain. But, what’s the betting someone try’s to sell investors at least one of these ideas in the next 10 years (especially the President Ivanka part)…in the meantime, I am back to researching companies the traditional way – good old quantum computing. Live long and prosper, earthlings.

Victor Vulpescu says:

Mr. Sven,

What do you think about value vs. growth stocks? Will value outperform growth during the next decade?

A research made by Msci ( has found that enhanced value in Emerging Markets has brought 14% since MSCI EM index has been launched, as compared with only 9.2% for the whole market. Moreover, even most pessimistic forecasters like GMO say EM value stocks are about to provide around 8.5% expected growth rate from current valuations in the next decade, whereas the market will have lower returns. All other asset classes except EM sovereign bonds are about to bring negative returns for the next decade.

Maybe you can discuss in some videos value tilt strategy and also take a look at the following iShares ETFs:

They are basically value factor ETFs with low P/E and P/BV ratios that automatically replicate value investing principles for retail investors. While I believe you would probably say that this is not value investing and only wanna be value investing, for a passive investor, don't you think it will still provide a small edge (not as high as you have for buying individual stocks) as compared with the market itself? Or you think Fama is right and the market is efficient? I think value outperforms growth on the very long run, but on shorter term it works in cycles. Since it underperformed during the last decade, isn't it wise to believe that rather non-US stocks and especially value stocks will outperform for the next decade?

BTechTalk says:

Another episode of Friday comedy with Sven, love it 😀

Robert Hickman says:

Everyone always goes for gold. I think silver is much more cheaper priced and reacts the same just a little later 🙂

spike says:

It's Saturday why I'm I watching this? What is a safe stock?

Eric Mencke says:

Interesting extrapolation of S&P and discussion around inflation and real return! I can only agree, it’s so difficult to deploy cash when sentiment is negative! Keep up the good work !

KevG8 says:

I think we should stop to predict crash. We look like a fool each time postponing it.
Just say be ready for anything

Roman says:

ENDP down 97% over the last 4 years. will they drop another 3% if the stock market crashes? hahaha

Joe Tran says:

Forget about it recession is not going to happen because too much intervention I think there’s going to have lots of inflation keep on investing in yourself make more money spend less and invest like buffet

Starteam says:

Always good stuff

ylai1773 says:

china again …..

M M says:

Spot on! I love your videos. You are by far the best investor on YouTube. Please, if you get a chance can you tell me your opinion on Panasonic (PCRFY) and Nokia (NOK)? Thank you for your awesome channel Sven!

Nicholas Baughen says:

So I'm looking at the graph at 0:29, and it looks very useful – anyone know which website Sven uses for these screenshots?

Investing Notebook says:

Buy Wonderful business at a wonderful price

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