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Stock market crash news. I discuss the yield curve and why it is so important for stocks, but there are also other things when it comes to stocks that are important, like valuations.
How to invest in stocks today, what to do with the inverted yield curve? Well, there are 3 things to keep in mind.

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Paprika says:

I'm saving my money so I can buy more when the market crashes

RIchard B says:

To be fair the Inversion was more of a small dip, between the 5 and 2-3 year rate, so it might be a bit premature to call a recession. That said the US economy, at the moment, is like the pretty blonde in a horror movie, the scary music has started, the monster with small hands and a grotesque, freaky orange face is right behind. It doesn’t take a genius to work out how the film ends.

Forestman says:

“Stock crash” in video title. US stocks are up about 1.5% vs this time last year. Down 4.5% vs 6 months ago. So it’s a correction that may or may not become a bear market.

Videos like this are a part of the problem. The title & preview icon feed irrationality.

Booney Inc says:

We r still a while away.

Toucan Sam says:

Short sellers are probably going to get burned. I am getting tired of watching all these YouTube videos calling for a crash. I don’t think any are optimistic right now. Most Youtubers are scaring everybody to create more engagement to get more advertising revenue for themselves

Steven Oliver says:

You almost need to have cash on hand these days. Margin loan rates are high for all but the largest accounts. Once upon a time you could find securities whose yield exceeded your borrowing rate, so they paid for themselves. I guess I'm trying to find some deep value situations and also doing some speculating in miners.

lowpross11 says:

Good stuff ??

Marcelo De Castro says:

Good video Sven, as always. And yes stocks are overvalued but, Damodaran makes some really good points in his video, and explains why the yield curve might no longer be a good recession indicator. Looks like the best indicator of a recession right now will be earnings itself…? Check it out

Inbesuto Sirubesuto says:

Watching your videos is like attending casual lectures. Keep it up !

PS: that Charlie munger video – terrible audio quality.

marcelino Perez says:

Let me know in the comments whether your personal financial situation is ok no matter what happens?
philosophical answer, no one can know that.
But I suspect that with 70% cash and a gold mining investment, I will not necessarily lose if it goes right down. For me, I hope good gold prices, but I wish for the mass no crash. I feel sorry for dumbbells.

Andrew Trapman says:

Hope Your you had a good Holiday Sven.????

Matt John says:

Sven this is a hard question to answer but I thought I'd ask. Some people disregard the high CAPE ratio due to changes in GAAP over the past several years. What is your take on this? Do these changes make comparing past to present CAPE ratios obsolete?

Tom Settles says:

Sven – continuing our oil conversation. USA proven, Russia, Norway cost to produce a barrel of oil is approx. $25. South American and USA Shale is $35, Middle East & Africa – $10 – $15 per barrel. So which retailers (Exxon, etc.) exploration/drillers (Occidental, etc.) and pipeline companies (Magellan, etc.) stand to gain the most when oil prices start rising in a few years? Some of these companies pay fantastic dividends right now and could see 15 – 25% dividend growth as some oil wells begin to dry up and demand skyrockets. I do have $100k liquidity to buy stocks in next crash, I would like to get strong blue-chip dividend payers and hold them into retirement (2029-2030). Any help you can offer is appreciated.

SanktGallus says:

Our twisted fed brother bullard cnbc told yesterday he would not rate hike in december… So fake! Good for gold and bitcoin… Qe5 preparing?!

Leo Stark says:

Sven, can you make one video on investment research agencies such as Zack's? Do you use their services when picking stocks?

Gainde 113 says:

How central banks can support the economy when the interest rates are already 0%?

Jon Bowers says:

If Berkshire is so successful in recessions and is sitting on so much cash, why shouldn't I sit on cash and buy whatever they buy?

Lee Kazuya says:

hello, i am thinking about entering bti and wdc, as i think there is value in these stock, currently trading at a very low price, what are your thoughts on the companies? thanks!

Xathros says:

Sven, I appreciate your work and videos, but I'm getting a bit tired of you promoting your stock market research platform. Why couldn't you just do it at the end or in the beginning of the video. While I can understand that you want more subscribers – more revenue – it's irritating when you start it in the middle of the video.
Besides, have you ever thought about creating your own investment fund? Thank you very much.

Dr. Tetramin Flakes says:

I'm going to say DOW will drop to 22000

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