Stock Market Crash November 2016!!! That Never happened…

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Stock Market Crash November 2016 is the subject of this video. The stock market crash never happened. Many people said the stock market would crash with Donald trump being elected, However the stock market did not crash after the November 2016 election results.

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Brentconanbab says:

18-11 arggggFlash!

Frank Galvin says:

Any thoughts on RH?

K C says:

go pro is doing terrible! When do you think its going to start going up?

blaze7570 says:

i find it amusing when people assume a president is going to end us all.

Miguel Ramirez says:

Thank you so much for making videos. I have a question. I am currently low on money, around 1 grand. Is it worth it to invest now or wait to have more to invest?

MacDaddy916onMC says:

Trump 2016

Rick Pinnon says:

best day ever, buying and selling all day

Tyson Hook says:

Are there any stocks you plain to invest in specifically because trump has became president?

Adam Swab says:

Good video! When I saw this I went right to my account to make shure we dident crash within the last 2-3 hours that I haven't checked in! Scarred me Jermey!

Financial Education says:

What do you guys think about all this?

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