Stock Market Crash November 9th 2016

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Stocks Market Crash November (Post Election)


Carol Veternick says:


Tom Wostoncroft says:

"It's about time stocks crash." Sorry if you are about to retire and lose a good amount of the value of your 401k or IRA. "I am excited about the world changing" and too bad for all you who lost so much, the world needs to change and if you pay the price, so be it.

What a moron.

Jacob Gadikian says:

Invest in space gold mining. No, not fucking around.

Jacob Gadikian says:

Don't buy into DV's crazy anti-semitic madness.

There is corruption, that is for sure. I just don't think it's the kind of corruption that DV thinks it is.

Regarding weather trump is "with the globalists" or not– remember the simpsons epsiode, and remember that he's a billionaire. How do you think people become billionaries?

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