Stock Market Crash of 2008

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2008 Financial Crisis


Silver Speed says:

good memory's and bad ones…..

Av_cali says:

200 to 300 years? ha lmao. this will repeat in September 2015. 

Gabriel-Cat DiFelice says:

What's up with the lame edits? Sorry if that sounds insulting but I don't like it. 

Durell “Donici Patchi” Richardson says:

Another crisis in the next 200-300 years!

bob cobb says:

Would have been a great time to purchase good broadly diversified, low exp.  mut, funds, etfs.

prodigee411 says:

This video demonstrates the mania and hysteria of human beings and market.

TheMabes69 says:

Wait until the derivatives and bond markets collapse within next 2 years….

TheMabes69 says:

I commend you–this was superb editing, lol

felneymike2 says:

Why are these guys all dressed like it's still 1987?

Kenny Dominic says:

your out of luck,evev greater trouble coming I think

Willem Arnhem says:

Oh wow, I never realised stock markets were really filled with men shouting "SELL, BUY!" at tiny monitors and throwing small papers around

StanwoodSpartans says:

Most important part of the video 2:50 – forward.

Explains what the Federal Reserve is.

the90salways says:


Lawrence Lugar says:


mquiroz90 says:

Bet ppl thought this is it end has come

srfsnw08 says:

it will..but much much worse and within the next year or so

mquiroz90 says:

USA was in trouble back than hope this won't happen again

LoveForMusic says:

MotherF***ker took all those poor peoples money by crashing the market.

smith wesson says:

MAYDAY,May Day! We are sinking

MONOPOLY35 says:

MARIA CNBC: What in the world is happening on Wall St? The scenario you said would not happen back, as you rolled your eyes to the mere suggestion of it in 2005.

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