Stock Market Crash Of 2008

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The Stock Market Crash of 2008.


GoodThingsGaming says:

I remember when this happened (however I was only 6 or 7) but I remember my parents saying "IT TANKED!!" And all of the worry. I can only imaging the thoughts of those in the NYSE that day

drjacko1 says:

The biggest discounts ;)

Bradley Caban says:

🙁 Market Crashed Tesla Was Almost Gonna Crash…

Wesley Moore says:

I moved all my money into a money market account on Thursday September 11, 2008 and watched on the 29th when the market crashed I did not lose not even one cent.! Then I got back into the market in April of 2009.

Curtis Connors (The Lizard) says:

(The one time that Generation X failed us…)

Joey R (SmokeyNYY) says:

The scared people lost it all.  The smart people made billions.

russrjn says:

This is only going to get 100% worse when will it all collapses

chris lehman says:

After all was said and done it was the best time in the history of the market to buy.

James Wallace says:

This was the 1st inning in a 9 inning series 🙂 It's going to get sooooo much worse.

Roberto Colon says:

Market Crash of 2008

Mikes limon says:

many people i know didn't even know there was a market crash and/or real estate crisis in 2008. lol!

Artoo Defive says:

The saddest part: go out to Nature and spend some time. Then come back and look at this. It's all just bullshit. Completely arbitrary. There's no real rhyme or reason why some people are "worth" more than others or why some objects are "worth" more than others. It's a massive work of fiction and we all buy into it everyday. 

Links595 says:

"Life as we Know it going to change" Yep it did.

Ben Scheffer says:

Thanks Bush

Jack Hall says:

flipthescript, i agree with your gold and silver theory, however, Warren Buffet never went bankrupt, hes too smart and if he did the government couldn't afford to bail him out, and moose423, Ben Bernanke saved your ass in 2008 by somehow convincing congress to nationalize the banks, without him, there wouldn't be a financial system today

lisabob22 says:

Dean Baker was right, Schiff completely wrong on what happened. Facts matter

lindenly22 says:

What are the causes of that crash? What triggered it? What were the major factors? How can we prevent such further major stock market crashes?

gmanwally says:

Peter Schiff was right.

CarlitosWayz12 says:

Got to start this essay now…

the90salways says:

the bubble burst. the intrest rat4s went up and the fake economy fell. It is going to happen again soon.

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