Stock Market Crash of 2015 And Gold Price Rising – w/ Roy Sebag, BitGold Founder

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Stock market crash of 2015 and gold price rising – timely guest tonight to unpack those. Live interview with BitGold founder Roy Sebag to talk about the recent rise in gold prices, stock markets’ rapid decline,
and the future of money. Get 0.25g of real gold free, sign up for BitGold here:
Roy Sebag is a founder of BitGold, CEO of GoldMoney Inc, and a contrarian investor. Follow him on Twitter:


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Truthseeker101 says:

No interest in what Sebag has to say.

JoAnne Syphus says:

what is he babbling about?

Adonis VanCampen says:

I was in rhythm to catch this live last night just shortly after it started. Now I can hear the whole thing and even take notes. I'm glad to find this link so I can share with my brother Hiel, who is also excited about the possibilities with BitGold. Roy taught me so many new facts I had not considered or read before. All I can say is Brilliant!

Paul Melton says:

I really enjoyed the video. Well done guys. I agree wholeheartedly with Roy's views on savings. Gold, silver and crypto really is the only way of hanging on to purchasing power these days.

screwityoutubization says:

Only an hour and a half too late.. But starting it now.

Silver Speed says:

i ll wait out before making transactions… they are going to use MasterCard to back there prepaid card system which basically goes against some of his points to a degree . but the idea is brilliant also.

Vention1MGTOW says:

This guy knows what he's talking about. The conventional financial system is a scam where retail investor money is drained away by inflation and fees. I'm forced to participate through my pension and 401k but my surplus monthly income outside of my conventional investments are going into bitcoin and good old fashioned clinking metallic silver. I like silver better because it's more volatile. When we drop into recessions and there's major panic in the market, silver goes up dramatically, more so by percentage than gold. Over the next 3 years I think we're going to see a very nice price increase in silver (and bitcoin too) and if silver does (in this next recession) what it did back in 2011, it should be enough to payoff my house in about 3 years.

He mentions an Achilles heel with bitcoin, saying that there are 200 alt coins and it's likely that everyone will switch to another coin. Not going to happen. He did say that bitcoin will remain more volatile than gold. I'm inclined to agree with that. He also spoke about the magical quantum chip, but there are already plans in place to handle that danger. They're on the shelf and can be implemented within a week or two.

I do see a serious Achilles heel with bitgold however and that's the security risk. I've seen what happened to the Liberty Dollar. What plans do they have in place to deal with a seizure by the government where the gold is vaulted? Also after MF Global, I have a problem trusting 3rd parties. That said, I'd love to see them succeed and I'd love to have access to their services but I have a problem with trust.

Silver Speed says:

awesome video.

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