Stock Market Crash of 2015

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Also 11 Predictions of Economic Disaster in 2015 from top experts and it’s terrifying!
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Doug Doug says:

Do not ever try to call the time of economic collapse.   The odds are against it being when anyone says it will happen.  They may be surprised how long the economy can keep going.  If it does not happen the person making the call of a crash looks like a fool .  If the US does not collapse in 2015 she should date me to teach her a lesson.

Gabriel Perez says:

September 13the came and went nothing happened. You are, were , and will always be wrong.

Andre M says:


fataldesain says:

didn't the super holy bible say in the end a lot of false prophets would come out man what's wrong with this chick Jesus people freak me out

william elliott says:

This is great news! It will continue to drop. The love of money is destroying the Country. We are at the beginning of the end. Spend your savings on guns and ammunition.

Walt H111 says:

what is the Sheikah ?   According to bible scripture when some one says the Lord said  example Sept 15 2015 — run from that person.  No where in scripture did I ever read any scripture where the Lord gives personal prophecy.  This is about the bible.
2 Peter chapter 1 : vs 20 Understanding this first: That no prophecy of scripture is made by private interpretation. 21 For prophecy came not by the will of man at any time: but the Holy Men of God spoke, ((see — not private, and Holy man not for a women to give prophecy ! )) inspired by the Holy Spirit.  1 Timothy 2:11 to 14 Let the women learn in silence, not to usher authority over a man.  Plus this woman is reading stock reports written by professions who do this for a living. Then taking credit saying the Lord said. The old testament Isiah spoke the words of God through God – I will not share my glory with another.  Isiah 42:9 Everything I prophecy comes true. Will this come true what this women is reading ? May bee / May bee not !  If you are going to use prophecy then do in in the guide lines in the bible.  Revelation 4 horse men, seven seals, Daniel secret of the seventy sevens, read the dozen old testaments major & minor prophets, Jesus, then compare to current events, not by reading reports then putting on a act with hands, face, & eyes movements then saying the Lord said.

Creeper Elimination says:

This crash is happening RIGHT NOW!

Eric D says:

The banksters have figured out that they can make more money by strengthening the dollar, in the process, bankrupting the world. It is very evil since doing this results in extreme hardship in the countries that took dollar loans. Many countries in the world now accept US dollars for trade, but that is not good at all. If dollarization continues, we'll have a one world currency and then they'll have us right where they want us.

Will Grimes says:

So your long equities?

Lex Pro says:

We have similar tastes in clothing, LOL

Frank Jahoda says:

Stocks are not liquid. There must be a buyer. Often there is not.

Larry H says:

Guess you were wrong. Thank God you are not a money manager. Stick to being an evangelist.

Living Life Enterprises Presents says:

Hello, it is important to know , only soft yellow gold metal market is going to crash in the spot market soon…Because it is out of fashion yellow gold market will collapse with the oil world market ! Don't Buy soft yellow gold metal !  BUY " PURE SOLID WHITE GOLD FORMULA " Best Economic World Market Today!!! Sincerely!!! GOD IS IN CONTROL !!!

JOKERcam says:

If you actually listen to this bitch… She's talking shit. I'm a forex trader for more than 8 years and I know she's talking shit. All I do is look at the economy. Financial traders know the most about where, when and how the economy is going. Why do you think we make the most money out of ANY profession? I trade from my house in my robe and I make £250k+ a year.

Aj Correa says:

the bubble will burst really in 2016.. Sometime before September and November

bulltraderpt says:

She is pretty, but, does she know what she's on about?

Pinky Green says:

And, let me tell you — STOCKS are liquid.  You can sell a stock at any time.  BUT, REAL ESTATE IS ILLIQUID.  A RE owner might have to sit on a collapsing piece of property for months before he can sell it, thus losing more money.

Pinky Green says:

Notice when they talk about "collapse" – the experts NEVER mention REAL ESTATE.  The RE Collapse will be the silent killer — when RE values start going down and people will still be paying mortgages for $800K houses that are only worth $500K.  Real Estate >> the silent killer!

Pinky Green says:

@ 3;10 – Candy Crowley to President Obama: "If your policies were working, price of gase wouldn't be $4.oo a gallon."
FOUR DOLLARS a gallon?  Uh???   ROFLMAO!  And that's a 2-year old video!  LMAO!

greg mclaned says:

Avg IQ of people that believe this video must be lower than you would believe ………

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