Stock Market Crash Reaction! | Why the Stock Market Crashed, and What you NEED to know!

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Own The Chaos Investing says:

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Chris Ramirez says:

Just a heads up, got to correct the animation @ 7:32. You guys are awesome! Thanks for all your help.

Ahm Investor says:

This market was oxygen and only liquidity was driving it….. as said, last week, there will be no package… and remember, Market can not absorb this and may not have big jumps until real big crash. Trump knows for a fact that he is losing. People are tired of him and he is now turning into a threat for the one percent rich…. so guess what he wants? crash the market….

hanan kim says:

what's up with the romantic music?

Matt McDaniel says:

Palantir rhymes with "talent ear" 🙂

Ivan Ponce says:

Damn Chaos that song is mad chill this video was great lots of great info you guys really entertaining to watch what up fat man zoom! What’s the link to the song?

Shama Haque says:

Where is the link for daily watch list. I am a member

Jeffrey says:

What do you mean by “scale out?”

Soli says:

Of course, Trump is punishing us for not supporting him! How obvious is this! Papa mango is upset!

Steven Justice says:

Cheer up guys… good buy day…WEAK HANDS OUT!!!

Steven Justice says:

I sold a 11/20 $35 HYLN cash secured put for a grand today….what bad day???

Natalie Pascarella says:

Holding mine went back up

Natalie Pascarella says:

He is right to walk away. He offers what they want then Pelosi wants more. This is a game to Pelosi. The airlines need help, he might do an executive order if he can.

CJ Cj says:

You 2 sound like you lost your best friend. 😂😂😂😂

CJ Cj says:

Scale out till the election. Jesus. Buying heavy probably on November 4-5

Zachary Nicholson says:

Nancy was pushing trillions to bail out democratic cities and a bunch of other crap and wouldn't budge. So Trump played hard ball.

Sean Dougherty says:

Buying opportunities

Jim Aragon says:

Twitter should have a policy that only allows comments to be made while not under the influence of any mind-altering drugs!

RN4L !! says:

Man. Like him or not. He has a tremendous effect on the market. I think he did it before closing for a reason. He will executive order this thru so it's his doing. Not anybody else's.

MrDesoto1 says:

I haven't sold anything. I see this as just another good pullback to pick up some great stocks at better prices.

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