Stock Market Crash Recession 2019 is here Black Monday Christmas Eve Eve

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Nathan H says:

Quick! Everyone panic and buy tulips!

Rob T says:

But CNBC said this is temporary………….?

mullera007 says:

You're right this is the big one. Life will change as we know it for decades and in a abject poverty kind of way unless we're protected with PM and cryptos. Good job

w smith says:

new subscriber, thank you. I have xrp and silver

Michael Manfro says:

Legit question..

I just took out half of my savings in cash, today.
I showed it in my safe with my gold and silver. I have over a full bitcoin..

But what do I do what all my cash.?!

C4rnif3X says:

Such a pos market for those who truley know what's going on. I can't believe the media doesn't report this stuff.. And here's the thing, I know the media is bought and paid for, but this really proves it for people calling "us" conspiracy theorists. QE and QT have been around forever, yet they said this is the largest scale QT to date.. This is the FED's game, and until people revolt against it, we're trapped in this system.. And when the market crashes, they just start another round of QE.

The interesting part in all this is they need to start ramping up rate hikes to QE in the future.. Very interesting times, I have my popcorn and puts.

DieselHound says:

This is good, crypto will be king soon. Early 2019 institutional on ramps for crypto go live.

Spyderhead's Head says:

Abolish the FED and let the bloated, crap-value stock market crash/burn. It's just gambling without the free drinks.?

OLD MAN Chiaf says:

Looking at this yearly chart, the crash looks like it still has a Long way to go.

rumble in the jungle says:

Great video thank you Laz!

GalactixPirate says:

On this same Christmas night our politicians sold us to the Federal Reserve during the Woodrow Wilson era around 1913.Could this be the same Christmas that they destroy it???.

MIH says:

Thank you for giving us the great update. Always much appreciated. ?

blasteroid says:

Fuck Fuck Fuck

Jeff Lovejoy says:

What to do? Hunker down. It is too late for the FED to capitulate. 12,000 is the new top. The bottom was 6,000 when the dust settled after the Crash of '08 -'09. The new bottom will be "zero." The longer this takes the more damage will be done.

Po Money says:

My dude so on point.

Divine_Wrath says:

So much winning!

Kay Bass says:

Christ said there would be 'signs in the sun and the moon and the stars' Luke 21: 25. We are seeing all these signs. JUST look up at the moon. But signs of WHAT? My comment here explains what happens, so that these signs, WHICH CAN'T BE FAKED; INDICATE.
The US and Israel go to war with Iran in Bible prophecy. That is why the Middle East is bombed Matthew 24: 15-22 and Iran is bombed Jeremiah 49: 35-38. A detailed version of the wars between the US, allies and Iran; [also the war between the US, allies and Iraq, a past event] is found in Daniel 8: 20, 23-25 parallel with Daniel 11: 44, 45.
The war also appearing between the EU and Russia at the time of Euro collapse into the abyss; means that these two major conflicts appear simultaneously. There are also other conflicts that appear Jeremiah 25: 17-26 Revelation 11: 18 [15]
The Bible explains what happens to end the present day fiat currency system Ezekiel 7: 19 Isaiah 2: 18-20 Psalms 46: 4-6. As we would expect, the true God already has a new system in place to take over the affairs of faithful mankind John 3: 16 while the 'wild beast' governments melt it all down and ruin it, so that violence, pestilence and famine takes over in the world. Matthew 24: 21, 22 Rev 6: 8.
That is why the preaching about God's Kingdom by Christ Jesus Matthew 24: 14, 30 has already been done by Christ in the 1st century; and also been accomplished in modern times.
This world is to be cleansed, redeveloped into a Paradise Luke 23: 43 and completely rehabilitated. If you've heard rumours that this planet is to be destroyed; don't believe everything you hear. There is a great deal of prophecy about the redevelopment of the earth as it is made into a Paradise, during the 1,000 year reign of Christ Revelation 20: 4-6.
"Jehovah did not make the earth simply for nothing, but He formed it to be inhabited" Isaiah 45: 18. "To Jehovah the heavens belong; but the earth He has given to the sons of men." Psalms 115: 16
Distress begins when a banking systems meltdown crashes the Euro into the abyss, causing famine in the EU, and leads to war between the EU and Russia. The protest movement in the EU, together with Russia's militarisation of the borders with Ukraine, together with a wobbly financial situation also visible, are the visible manifestation of these events found in prophecy Ezekiel 7: 19-22. Prophecy includes a detailed analysis of what happens to Christendom in the EU, at the time Russia takes over the financially crashed EU in famine.
No, the loss of the Euro, and the outbreak of these wars outlined are not good for the US. And yet Americans will have to discover that for themselves. This is a time of lost currencies, and the five month crisis Revelation 9: 5, 10 will mean that all the fiat currencies will fall into the abyss, to a total melt- down of the system now seen.Psalms 46: 4-6.
At the time of hissing, roaring missiles deployments 2Peter 3: 10 the authority of the 'wild beast' political powers is deposed by Jehovah, and the authority of Christ Jesus the King Revelation 12: 10, Rev 11: 18, 15 Matthew 24: 30 is manifest 2Thessalonians 2: 8 at a time of Christendom's demise in the EU first. We will see the artefacts of the Vatican and the churches seized by the Russian Federation to support their rouble, at a time of war and financial crisis. Ezekiel 7: 19-22.
These events in the EU and Russia, while NATO is flat on its back with a begging bowl, are parallel to the war also between the US, Israel and Iran. The nuclear assets of Iran are destroyed, and the pilots will refuel in Saudi Arabia on their way back. The Middle east is bombed; Iran is bombed. This is the disappearance of the fiat currency system. At a time of a rush by populations to get underground, silver and gold are thrown away with a 'loathing'. Isaiah 2: 18-20.
Will this prophetic information about what is to happen stop the 'wild beast' political powers from engaging in wrath Rev 11: 18 and wars Jeremiah 25: 24-26? NO. The wars will break out; and the financial system will crash. $250 TRILLION worth of world debt will go up in smoke due to hissing, roaring missiles deployments 2Peter 3: 10 Ezekiel 7: 19. THAT IS WHY ALL THIS IS ALREADY VISIBLE RIGHT NOW. WE STAND AT THE CUSP OF OUT-BREAKING GREAT TRIBULATION. This also implies the arrival of God's Kingdom to replace the present system destroyed by wars and financial disorders.
This can now be abbreviated, at the time of these heavenly signs:

Mike Petroff says:

Excellent information however the CRAP MUSIC seriously detracts and makes it difficult for people to get past it into the substance of your podcast.

1234dommel says:

I am a technical analyst too, great analysis

aevarnado says:

This video was very informative. Thank you

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