‘Stock Market Crash Related to Global Factors’: Chief Economic Adviser | The Quint

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Chief Economic Adviser K Subramanian has said that the developments in the market are reflections of global factors related to the Coronavirus outbreak, and that the fall in Indian markets has been below average.

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The Quint says:

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ravin says:

Why is this stupid person our chief economist? He is also responsible for the bad condition of our economy. He talks like he has no idea what is going on. Yes bank defaulted not because of global crisis but because of the incompetence of govt and RBI.

Hindi Listal says:


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investor mania says:


investor mania says:

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###All is well in India### says:

Share market एक froud लोगो का धंद्या है मेरे साथ धोखा हुआ है मेरे पास कॉल records है जीस को भी देखणा है वो whats app number दे

Mr.Tweezy007 says:

Forget stockmarket. The Economy has been sinking since 2 yrs

Prashanthe says:

Arre kahana kya chaate ho!!!!😀😀

SPLASH says:


Pratik Joshi says:

Every time same excuse.. Global slowdown Global slowdown..

Pratik Joshi says:

LIC might have been told to buy in bulk to arrest market crash.

Nungothung Ngullie says:

Fully diverted.

Sunderraman Pichan says:

Before global economy recession our Indian economy running through rough weather since demonetisation which false ego problem of current govt brought our country economy in danger. Moreover no one qualified to handle economy in current situation in this govt which everyone even illiterate people understand.

Ashwin S says:

After watching the Nifty drama today do we still need proof about our markets being totally manipulated

Barry John says:

Beware of these people who spit lies. Better to protect yourself with N95 mask. Those lies are more dangerous than the Corona Virus.

Rahul Naagar says:

Bhadvo ko phir bhi sharm nahi ayegi jhuth pe jhuth aur kuchh nahi

amit ydv says:

So what does all that mean, I think I will have a choco bar 🙃🤔

Vihari Royal says:

In those Countries People are dying due to Corona Virus. India hardly had 50 Cases of Corona and Markets Collapsed like this…..🤔😏

peace 4all says:

Like PMC Yes bank share market too showing better conditions to fool the investors stay away stay safe👌

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