Stock Market CRASH – The Delusion Before The Collapse

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about a recent story out of CNBC reporting on a survey of CFOs which concludes that the Dow will fall another 2000 points before climbing above 27,000.
The claim is short-term bearish, sure. The stock market has wiped out all of its gains for the year. But the notion that the stock market is in no way bubbled and will indeed climb above 27,000 points is highly assumptive. The fundamentals are hardly there and we’ve seen every single tell-tale sign of a bubble.
Could it climb above 27,000? Of course! Without a doubt! But these investors are far too confident and it’s exactly what we’ve seen so many times before in history. The stock market was faltering in the second half of 1929. In September and even October 1929, many Wall Street bulls were still incredibly bullish. They were highly speculative like we are seeing in the markets today. Despite for the most part the fundamental values not reflecting the price, countless people still think we are going to see more all time highs before a crash.
Again, it’s very possible, but how are these same people trashing the incredibly innovative crypto markets? They think markets like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. are heading for the sky despite climbing 677% in 10 years while providing very little to boost confidence in the past 5, yet decentralized blockchain infrastructure is just in its infancy and THAT is the bubble that is going to zero? The notion is absolutely absurd.
As the Fed pumps money into the stock market (by printing it) one has got to realize that this cannot sustain much longer. All the fake derivatives and money eventually will come crumbling down. It should have a long time ago. There’s no putting a date on the crash still, but we know it will happen. So what should people truly have confidence in? Well, that comes down to history books and education and with that comes responsibility.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this story!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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~ Josh

pistooli1 says:

I find that you keep pushing crapto currencies hilarious.

Philip Quinn says:

if the dow drops 50% in still we be way overvalued. don't want to buy govt./corporate debt. housing in the People's Republic of CA. is out of hand. cash & PMs is my only choice.

Scott Allen says:

I don't think Sneisey got the shoe shine reference.

James Woenker says:

As long as the Fed keeps buying everything. " plunge Protection Team " it will keep going up. Till the big boys start taking profits. Witch they have been doing. Time will tell. I never thought we would get three 2015.
Shoe shine boy. Lol. I got it.
July of 2017 I said 6 months to two years. Don't think we will see July 2019 without shtf.

xyzct says:

The FED expanding its balance sheet (what the layman calls "printing money") will only pour gasoline on the flames of deflation. The FED hopes the new money will prop up falling prices, but they can't control where the money goes. New money will continue to go into the bond market (and bond derivatives markets), thereby continuing to stoke the 38 year old bond bull, which will push down interest rates farther. And as few people seem to understand, falling interest rates are NOT salubrious. They denude capital surreptitiously from balance sheets by increasing the liquidation value of debt, for which no extra assets are put aside to counter the increase in liabilities, thereby resulting people and firms being blindsided by insolvency.

Peter Oitzinger says:

Josh, you have a clear cognitive dissonance towards cryptos. Hopefully you are still up on your crypto purchases?! What exactly will give cryptos their value if the governments bring out a GovCoin?

wayne mcclory says:

We are seeing the last of the bulls trying to squeeze one more nickel out before the end. The end.

wayne mcclory says:

Salute to you John !!! Thanks to both of you for your truthful content and educating all of us. Thumbs up ?

Goldenfalseflags Goldenfalseflags says:

Venezuela the next powerhouse ????

braddockakalatis2 says:

Josh needs to learn to listen and NOT wait to talk (or not even wait half the time).

Argo, Fuck Yourself says:

u def. need to try equalize your volumes. Josh you just bounce off way too high after he's a bit lower toned mic, and the transition is a bit rough and akward to hear. Cheers guys good content nevertheless

Kholke Holkepolke says:

Theres a lot of private cryptos out there.. They've sunk in value as of late.. Once inflation accumulates, with compound force, business owners, investors, and consumers, will re-think their strategy.. At this point of the game, it's practically a stale mate… If central banks and governments, don't keep the taps on, smaller holders, and producers, will lose faith and swap their means to exchange.. Meanwhile, whatever that does flow from those taps, can be exchanged, regardless. Value is always determined by faith.

Jefe Hoptosh says:

That shoeshine story is from the '29 crash

HAKAN A. says:

Crypto time buy cheap helloooooo

commonsense living says:

for your info venezuela is under strict sanction

Pepper K says:

Keep trying and posting videos hoping for a collapse.

Richard Garza says:

The delusion before the whatever, has been around for about…how long have we been here on this ball o dirt? That's a long fucking time. Fuck a movie, we are the monsters destroying the planet.

Simon Ata says:

Reality is considered fear mongering irony.

Dominik Perron says:

Unbacked crypto is even worse than fiat money. Gold or gold backed crypto is the way to go.

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