Stock Market Crash? Top 3 Reasons its Good and How to Profit From It

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Is A Stock Market Crash something to fear? Yes if you are investor. But NO if you are a Day Trader! Stock market crashes create a lot of opportunities to make money. In this video Talk about my Top 3 Reasons a stock market crash would be a good thing and how I would profit from it day trading!

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kalepo vanilau says:

do you have any Australasian followers or traders?? or is it to hard at trade in the aux or nzx…

Brains for Change says:

Hey focus do you think it would be a good idea for me to mortgage my house so I can take your class???

Patrick Mitchell says:

Gpro is going to be volatile tomorrow! where's a crystal ball when you need one?! would have been a beautiful short

Patrick Mitchell says:

hey Fous, I know you've mentioned it before but I'll ask again. when are you bringing Fous4x3 "the dark side" to the market? Any idea of a rough ETA?

Leighton Butler says:

Hey Cameron, Ive been following your channel for a while now probably almost 2 years. Can you do a video on what we need to get started in day trading, at least what you recommend in terms of capital etc. and your program of course.

BridgewaterLatino says:

Do gold ETFs generally do well during a crash?

Edward Pierce says:

Damn Thank you for sharing this fous !!!

Baz Trading says:

Having a crash would be great.

trkoby says:

How the hell is someone with a small account supposed to short stocks? I know there is Suretrader but I have heard their fees are too high and they trap people in trades???

Zaid Alchalabi says:

if everyone short sell
who will buy back if market crashing ?


Hey fous do you think it would be a good idea for me to go to college for a finance degree and take your class?

Bob Bayer says:

Another SICK video! ??

David Lero says:

As an options trader I LOVE volatility. When fear overprices options, that's when I collect the most premium (profit)!

George says:

Let's make the stock market great again!

jschrager23 says:

Hey Cam, what kind of standing desk do you have?

Cimbooora says:

Wow Nice video. Can i use the FOUS4 for shorting the market? The patterns are the same as bullish market , just

Starky513 says:

I think it's pretty great timing you made this video ;)

Carlos Garza says:

What type of platform are you using? I am thinking of starting to day trade  with 1000$ just need help on the whole idea of selling stocks back. How does that work?


Great video

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