Stock Market Crash Towards New All Time Highs Before End 2015

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Barely a couple of months ago the overwhelming consensus view that FOLLOWED the August plunge was for expectations that the 6 years stocks bull market was finally over, killed off by the China crash, and prospects for Fed tightening. Nevertheless the ‘End Times’ Apocalypse was Now, and such bearishness was not just being voiced by the usual suspects i.e. the crash is always coming Perma crowd, but even included those who may have been mostly bullish from time to time with statements such as there was now a 99.7% probability that stocks were in a bear market.

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TomStory76 says:

Hello – Can I ask you opinion on Commodity Stocks. I have invested heavily in the AIM market mostly on penny Oil, Gas and Metal stocks which have all gone down over the past 5 years.

What is your prediction on this beleaguered sector and when do you expect a recovery?

Mel M says:

Thank you Nadeem, you are nearly always right.

J Wal says:

I've been following you since 2010 and I agree with you that the bull market that started in 2009 is NOT over. However, I also see us continuing in a sideways correction between ES 1750-2120 for a while longer, which implies we are going to top out any day now and head back down to ES 1800 and possibly marginally below it.

Aidan Brooks says:

Hi Nadeem – very much appreciate your guidance. Do you consider Europe (FTSE and Dax) will also continue higher? Kindest regards

Xen Xenophontos says:

nice call

Christopher Marlowe says:

Once again you were correct, except that the market was a little faster than you expected.
I think that the bears are judging by the standard of a real market, and not one that is propped up by the fed. I don't know how you continue to forecast so well given these current conditions, but keep up the good work.
Oh, and evolution is a fairy tale…

lilboyblue3000 says:

Your the best thanks for the videos.

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