Stock Market Crash-Trump Tells The Market That The Trade War With China Could Last Beyond 2020?

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Stock Market Crash-Trump Tells The Market That The Trade War With China Could Last Beyond 2020? President Donald Trump signaled Tuesday that the White House’s trade war with China could drag on for some time after he said it might be better to wait to sign an agreement with Beijing until after the 2020 presidential election.
“In some ways, I like the idea of waiting until after the election for the China deal, but they want to make a deal now and we will see whether or not the deal is going to be right,” Trump told reporters in London, where he is taking part in two days of NATO meetings that coincide with the military alliance’s 70th anniversary.

The U.S. election will take place in November next year.
“I have no deadline, no … In some ways I think it is better to wait until after the election, if you want to know the truth,” Trump added, when pressed about whether he had a deadline for the deal that, while it is being worked out, has seen the U.S. and China impose billions of dollars of tariffs on each other’s goods since 2018.

STOCK MARKET CRASH? 20 Reasons The Stock Market Could Crash According To Analysts. Central banks have been lowering interest rates and doing quantitative easing (i.e., printing money and buying financial assets) in ways that are unsustainable. Easing in these ways has been a strong stimulative force since 2009, with just minor tightenings that caused “taper tantrums.” That bolstered asset prices both directly (from the actual buying of the assets) and indirectly (because the lowering of interest rates both raised P/Es and led to debt-financed stock buybacks and acquisitions, and levered up the buying of private equity and real estate). That form of easing is approaching its limits because interest rates can’t be lowered much more and quantitative easing is having diminishing effects on the economy and the markets as the money that is being pumped in is increasingly being stuck in the hands of investors who buy other investments with it, which drives up asset prices and drives down their future nominal and real returns and their returns relative to cash (i.e., their risk premiums). Expected returns and risk premiums of non-cash assets are being driven down toward the cash return, so there is less incentive to buy them, so it will become progressively more difficult to push their prices up.

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dexter Wilson says:

This pullback is to allow sideline $$$ to get in cheap. That was a $1.3B buy program that came into the market at the close today. Wow, I think we will see $330-$350 SPY before year end.Thanks for your input SMI keep up the great work!

Jonathan Dennis says:

Funny thing is I guarantee these companies won’t lower prices once tariffs are removed. So win win for USA companies

Brad Becker says:

Tariffs are a violation of individual rights of citizens here in America, and everywhere else too. Agriculture is taking a huge hit from Trump’s tariffs and farmers are filing Bankruptcy more than ever. I think I saw filing is up 24% this year from it. Something to think about. Tariffs help nobody but government specifically.

mark harrowfield says:

You will never get a trade deal with Trump as president he is unstable and unreliable

Dividend Income says:

Trump is forced to at least get a partial deal done before elections or else we will most likely see a recession and Trump will definitely not be re-elected.

Trump is just trying to get another rate cut with this rhetoric.

Franklin Maddox says:

WOW the historically well known lying Con Artist has been found out concerning the real truth about trade with China. Who exposed him over the past 2 years? He did every week along the way plus China actually bucking his trend of false trade scenarios Trump has continued to lie about. For me I always want the truth no matter if the GD market falls because when the truth is finally found out it is all much worse.
The other absolute TRUTH is that what DJT is doing by pushing the FED to go zero to negative rates is only to falsely prop the FAKE stock market period. EVERYONE with any king of sense and knowledge knows very well it is very bad economically to be that low but 5-6 percent is healthy. That along with pumping nearly a trillion into the system this year is all anyone needs to know to tell them things are very bad and a very big and wicked economic storm is heading our way.

Kay Luna says:

Manufacturing on the decline as well as business confidence!!!

Michael Reynolds says:

$120 billion stimulus package for Japan revealed today too!!

Bri I says:

The Trump-loving farmers are going to get hosed.

Robert Taveras says:

I've made some quick cash on IWM Puts – I think the strategy now is to buy Puts on up days sell the rips

Jeff Calhan says:

Lets hope the trade war ends soon!!!!

Sara Willis says:

Stocks are wayyy overdue for a nice reset I’m ready. We’ve already surpassed even the highest analyst price targets with share buybacks and the fed fueling the rally

Jane Dali says:

Lets see if we can actually follow through to the downside. Lately all we've seen and experienced is a non stop grind higher each and every day

Stockmarket Money57 says:

The market is getting slammed big time I’m excited for the buying opportunities

Johnny Will says:

NO trade deal as expected! Great video

Susan Ananda says:

Trump doesn't want peace

Ariel R says:

I can’t believe the markets are pulling back. Finally!!!

Owlcity 56 says:

It looks like the trade war won't end any time soon-the question though is does it matter? Business confidence is eroding but the fed is pumping the markets with everything they've got

E. Michael says:

Trade deals take a long time. A lot of comments in the videos before said that China and other countries can just wait out the trade war.
ECB wants to start doing inflations as well.

Passive Income Tom says:

I wonder if the upcoming taxes will affect the economy. I believe they're coming in a few weeks.

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