Stock Market Crash Update: Trump Stock Market + Covid Crash Again?

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The Stock Market Crash 2020 may not be over just yet as Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19. Will COVID-19 crash the stock market again or will the Trump Stock Market Rally continue into the election? After a 10% stock market correction, stocks bounced and looked poised for another move to all-time highs, but that all came into question once President Trump’s COVID test came back positive. In this video cover the following:
S&P 500 (SPY)
Nasdaq (COMPQ)
Russell 2000 (IWM)
Volatility Index (VIX)


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*Disclaimer: Ryan Mallory is not a financial adviser and this video is for entertainment purposes only. Consult your financial adviser before making any decisions.*

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SharePlanner says:

Will Trump's positive Covid-19 test cause stocks to crash next week or rally? Let me know! Also, make sure you check out my YouTube Channel Membership to get all my daily market and stock related research – Join here:

brandon asher says:

This is the second time watching your video..good one. Anyway, I’m a dividend investor but it’s a slow and steady growth. I’m 39 and currently have $200k a portfolio and plan to retire at 60. My goal is to reach 2 million by then…I repositioned some of my dividend stocks using a broker. Now, I’m buying fractional shares of TSLA, AMZN ,NIO ,NVR again. Before, I’m after dividends for passive income but it’s slow growth so now I’ll take my chances on high growth stocks like SHLL, WKHS, PLNHF 13 I've gotten a 120% increase this year but hopefully I’ll reach a million sooner

Janiyah Dalton says:

Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

Jay Patel says:

Thank you Ryan for the great analysis.

Miriam Kemp Barbara Knight says:

Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

Cathy Hirzel says:

Excellent analysis, as usual!

Gear Best says:

Investing in stocks is great…but getting into bitcoin I made more profit.

Bostjan Potocnik says:

Stock market-welcome to the jungle.

Lucas Jackson says:

Great video….thank you. I just subscribed

bigggmustang73 says:

I'm a long term holder but I find your videos comforting

Ahm Investor says:

The President might have injected Clorox or UV light…. so the hope is that noting will happen to him. Plus he will continue to lie that he is doing well, and the 2T will be the real deal to turn the Market Green Green On Monday. Expect a Green Monday ….

Scrooge MacD says:

Thanks for another great weekly update Ryan! What a quacky week it was!

Yuvraj Rathi says:

I have taken part in a dummy investment competition with real time stocks.
The competition is Wharton Online investments competition.
Can you give some tips?

Canada Crypto says:

I have already reported you to FBI

Canada Crypto says:

Shareplanner is a scam! Return my $25,000

Dan McIntosh says:

Hoping rally this week then ABC down.

Sam MedCode says:

I saw the market do really well on Friday, the Russel was actually up 0.5%. Pretty crazy, and the VIX didn't move much either. Definitely agree to watch for a rally.

PChee says:

~ Trump 2020! Get well and win!

Dan McIntosh says:

Guns n Rose's! Love it!

Betty Daniel says:

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